Villains Badge

(Discover Knowledge)

by Wendy Conte

***This badge may be earned multiple times, once for each villain studied.***


Preschool: complete 3 requirements including the two starred

Level 1: complete 4 requirements including the two starred

Level 2: complete 5 requirements including the two starred

Level 3: complete 6 requirements including the two starred

Level 4: complete 7 requirements including the two starred

Level 5: complete 9 requirements including the two starred


_____     1.* What is a villain? Choose a villain to focus on as you complete this badge and be able to recognize him/her. Discover how and why he/she became a villain.  What was his/her life like before becoming a villain?  Why are they considered a villain?

_____     2.* What special powers or gadgets does your villain have? Be able to identify 1 of the main heroes that your villain battles.

_____     3. Learn who the original author is of your villain – who created him/her; did he/she appear in comics, television shows, or movies; when was he/she created? Share your findings with your family or troop. Watch at least one movie/TV show or read at least one comic about your character.

_____    4. Research how your villain has changed from his/her earliest years to the present day. What changes have been made to the personality, costume, abilities, affiliations, and story of your character?

_____     5. Dress up like your chosen villain and perform a skit or short movie in which you are using the character’s powers.

_____     6. Create a piece of art with your villain’s logo.

_____     7. Create your own villain. Include his/her name, costume, powers, and whatever else you would like. Draw a picture of your villain and/or create a short comic starring him/her.

_____     8. If your villain has a theme song, learn the words to it and sing it. If you play an instrument you may learn to play it instead.

_____     9. Learn about the heroes that fight your villain.  How did these characters become superheroes? Did they have a previous relationship with your villain before he/she turned evil? How does this affect your villain?

_____     10. Does your character have a sidekick or does he/she work alone? Learn about your character’s sidekick(s). Do they have any special powers? What is their relationship with your villain? If your character does not have a sidekick, create one. Draw a picture of their sidekick or the one you created.

_____     11. Learn about where your character lives or about his/her secret base. What makes his/her home/base unique? Create a map of the layout. What special features has your character added to make the place more useful?

_____     12. Write your own comic about your villain. Include existing characters within the story or create your own.

_____     13. What merchandise/fan apparel is available on the market for your villain? Make a list of at least 5 items you can purchase with your villain’s logo.

_____    14. What toys are available for your villain?  Make a list of at least 5 toys that can be purchased involving your villain.

_____     15. Learn about careers involving writing and publishing comics or making movies with villains. What kind of pay could you expect, and is any schooling/special training required?

_____     16. Make up a game about your villain and play it with some friends or play a villain themed board game or video game in which your superhero makes an appearance.

_____     17. What can you learn about good vs. evil or right vs. wrong from your villain? What character traits make your villain evil?