Shelter in Place Badge


Discover Health and Safety

by Kerry Cordy –


Permission is granted to copy and share as needed.


This badge was written specifically for the COVID 19 corona-virus pandemic of 2020, but may be adapted to suit other emergency shelter in place situations.


Preschool:  Do 3 requirements including the two starred and one optional.

Level 1: Do 4 requirements including the two starred and 2 optional.

Level 2: Do 5 requirements including the two starred and 3 optional.

Level 3: Do 6 requirements including the two starred and 4 optional.

Level 4: Do 7 requirements including the two starred and 5 optional.

Level 5: Do 9 requirements including the two starred and 7 optional.


_____ 1.* Understand what it means to Shelter in Place and how it can keep you and others safe in an emergency.

_____2.*  Know the local rules for your Shelter in Place or Stay at Home order.  What you are allowed to do?  What are you not allowed to do?  What is the difference between obeying the letter of the law verses the intent of the law?  Why is it important that you take the restrictions seriously?  Who do you put at risk if you don’t?

Optional Requirements

_____3.   Discuss why people hoard certain items during a crisis and how this selfish behavior hurts your community as a whole.  Donate any excess items you may have to local churches or charities to distribute to those in need.

_____4. Understand what “essential businesses” are.  Make a list of those business you consider essential and see how it compares against those listed by your state.  Why do “essential workers” still need to report for work when everyone else is told to stay home?

_____ 5.  Find a way to serve your community while still obeying the rules of Shelter in Place.  Brighten the day of a shut in by giving them a call or video chatting with them, especially those who live alone.  Help sew face masks for facilities who are requesting them.  Order take out or delivery from local restaurants who are still serving to help them stay in business.  Foster a homeless pet.  If you are over the age of 16, give blood.  Donate to local charities.

_____ 6.  Learn a song to ensure that when you wash your hands you do so for at least 20 seconds.

_____ 7.  Plan two weeks worth of meals based on what you currently have in your cupboards and freezer.  Can you last two weeks without a trip to the grocery store?  If not, make a shopping list of non perishable items that you can shop for to lengthen the time between your shopping trips to ensure you can stay home for at least two weeks at a time.

_____ 8.  Play a round of “Chopped” based off the Food Network show.  Randomly take 4 items from your pantry or freezer and create a tasty meal from them.

_____ 9.  Make a list of activities to keep younger children occupied indoors or put together activity boxes to help kids entertain themselves.  For example one box might include art supplies, another might be full of legos, and yet another might contain dress up items to create skits with.

_____ 10.  Find creative ways to exercise indoors and put together a 30 minute workout.

_____ 11.  Most kids already have regular chores to do, but find at least three new chores you can do to help make life in your house more enjoyable for all.  Make an extra effort to keep things neat and clean.  Make a chart and mark off each day you keep your room clean and personal items picked up.  How long can you keep it up?

_____ 12.  Earn the Emergency Preparedness badge at your current age level.

_____ 13.  Earn the Hygiene badge at your current level

_____14.  Discuss ways to do essential shopping or to get “To Go” food safely and to minimize risk of contamination.

_____15.  Come up with 3 safe and sanitary alternatives to toilet paper and discuss their proper disposal.

_____16.  Make a list of non-perishable food items you should always keep on hand in case of an emergency.

_____ 17.  Find 3 or more reliable sources of news and information (no social media allowed).  Find at least one online source, one televised source and one radio source.

_____ 18.  Learn 3 different ways to maintain health and well being while sheltering in place.

_____ 19.  What type of events might be interrupted by a shelter in place order? (birthday, graduation, wedding, prom, etc.)  Think of alternative ways to celebrate these events without breaking the rules of sheltering in place.

_____ 20.  Make a timeline of different pandemics in history.

_____ 21.  What does it mean to “flatten the curve”?  Why is it important in a pandemic?

_____ 22.  Learn about how germs travel and why good hygiene is especially important during a pandemic.



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