Senior Citizens

Senior Clubs fall into one of two categories depending on the health and activity level of the seniors involved.

Active Senior Clubs

For active senior clubs, Quest Clubs work just as they do for kids and teenagers.  Active, healthy senior citizens have the opportunity to learn new skills and new subjects and to explore the world around them in ways they may not have thought of.  Hiking, camping, cooking, and first aid are useful skills for all ages and just because you are now getting older does not mean you should no longer indulge in the activities of your youth. Ever wanted to make gigantic bubbles?  Taste chocolate from around the world?  Learn cake decorating techniques, or how to shoot a bow and arrow?  It is never too late.    Starting an adult Quest Club lets you learn and experience new things in a social setting with other like minded adults.  Anything goes, and if we don’t offer a badge on the topic you are looking for, we encourage you to help us write one!

Senior Care Clubs

For clubs where seniors’ physical or mental abilities may be diminished, Quest can provide a wide variety of ideas for various activities.   Badge requirements can be used as is when possible, or adapted to the abilities of your members.  Work on the Gardening badge and put together small potted plants; work on the music badge and play music bingo; work on the antiques badge and take a trip to a local antique mall; the options are endless.


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