Road Trip Badgeroadtrip

(Discover the World & Discover the Outdoors)

by Doreen Olson & Sara Rauta


You may use any higher level requirement as an optional requirement.


Preschool: Do three requirements including the two starred *

_____1.* Decide on your destination and find it on a map. Learn how long it will take to drive there and back.

_____2.* Learn three games that can be played in the car on a road trip.


Level 1: Do four requirements including the two starred *

_____1.* Do Preschool requirements 1 & 2.

_____2.* Plan, prepare and serve a meal to be eaten with a minimum of mess while a car is moving.


Level 2: Do five requirements including the two starred *

_____1.* Do Level 1 requirements 1 & 2.

_____2.* Learn how to use a GPS device and a printed map. Drive to a destination you've never been before by listening to the audio directions from a GPS device. Then, drive back home using a printed map. Which method do you prefer?


Level 3: Do six requirements including the two starred *

_____1.* Do Level 2 requirements 1 & 2.

_____2.* Map out your trip. Figure out how many hours you will be driving in a day and when you should stop for the night. Create an itinerary and check list. Suggestions include:

  • Snacks you will need - water, fruit, nuts, chips, etc. Will you need a cooler?
  • How much gas will cost
  • Compare prices for hotels or campsites
  • Learn where any attractions you wish to see along the way are located
  • Will you play games to pass the time? Read? Tell stories? Plan some fun activities to do along the way. Make sure to pack books, coloring paper, tablets, etc to keep occupied.
  • Check all luggage and make sure you have everything you need. Toiletries, enough clothing, any electronic devices & their chargers, money, a map, etc.


Level 4: Do seven requirements including the two starred *

_____1.* Do Level 3 requirements 1 & 2.

_____2.* Do the driving for at least one day of the trip. If you do not have your license yet, assist the driver for the entirety of the trip. This includes: pumping gas at the gas station; following the map or GPS device; going the correct speed limit; paying attention the road; making sure the headlights are on at night; etc.


Level 5: Do nine requirements including the two starred *

_____1.* Do Level 4 requirements 1 & 2.

_____2.* Teach someone how to do a skill from this badge or teach some knowledge about this badge to someone. You can teach kids, your spouse, seniors, anyone, just as long as you are sharing your new found knowledge. If for some reason you cannot teach what you have learned to someone else, you may choose an additional 2 optional requirements instead.



Optional requirement:

_____3. List ways to prepare ahead of time so you or the driver won't be sleepy while driving. Come up with ways to stay awake if you start to feel drowsy. What are the best ways to cope with tiredness while driving?

_____4. Learn how to pack a car truck so luggage doesn't shift too much and important items are easy to find.

_____5. Depending on the type of weather or season you will be driving in, you will need to pack the car differently. Learn how to pack a car for a winter trip through the mountains vs. a summer trip through the desert. What are some differences you notice in what you pack? What should you do if your car skids on a snowy or icy road, or if it dies in the desert?

_____6. Learn how to change a flat tire.

_____7. Compare gas prices from different gas stations. What is the difference between regular, plus and premium gas? Why might one gas station be much cheaper than another?

_____8. Wash and vacuum out your car before leaving on your trip.

_____9. If you are bringing a dog with you (or any other animal), what do you need to bring for him? Food, water, leash, etc. List any items you can think of. Also, figure out what rest stops are along the way so you can let your dog walk around and go to the bathroom if he needs to.

_____10. Discuss with an adult or other family member different ways you can stay safe on your trip. This could include safe driving, not walking around alone at the hotel or any rest area, not distracting the driver while he/she is driving, etc.

_____11. Look up the weather you will encounter on your way to your destination. Pack the appropriate clothing and shoes. Will you need sunscreen if it will be hot? Will you need a rain coat if there is a chance of rain?

_____12. Make a rough budget for your trip. What is your food budget? Gas? Accommodations? Activities? Use a gas calculator online to get an estimate of how much gas you will use.