Individual Participant Membership  – $35.00/yr

(automatically renews each year unless stopped)

Individual Participant Membership grants a license to use the Quest Clubs content for a single child or individual who is participating in an organized Quest Club.


(all materials are online only)

  • Child/Parent Handbook
  • All current badge requirements
  • All current award requirements
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Access to the Quest forum
  • Printable certificates
  • Additional free resources through Curiosity Untamed

(Access to the membership areas of Curiosity Untamed require a paid family membership)

By purchasing a Quest Clubs Membership, you understand and accept the following:

  1. By  purchasing a Quest Membership, you verify that you are 18 years of age or older and agree to all Terms and Conditions of the Membership Agreement. If you are accepting this Agreement on behalf of a minor, You certify that all representations are true and that You are the minor’s legal guardian or custodial parent with full authority to bind the minor and Yourself to the terms and conditions of the Membership Agreement.
  2. By purchasing a membership to the Quest clubs website, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of the site.  If you are joining an organized Quest Club, you understand that each club is operated as part of an independently organized youth program and not associated with Curiosity Untamed LLC, owner of the Quest Clubs brand.  All background checks, volunteer training, etc. are the responsibility of the club owner.   It is your responsibility as a parent/guardian to ensure that you are comfortable with the club leadership, structure, and activities before allowing yourself or your minor child to participate.  Participation in any youth program that uses the Quest Clubs name is at your own risk.
  3. You understand that you are purchasing a product and membership to a website, not joining a non-profit organization. 
  4.  All materials in the Quest Clubs program and on its websites are for informational purposes only, and is intended as a supplement, not a substitute, for information and safety procedures put forth by professionals in the field. While we have done our best to make information current, this information is in no way to be considered all-inclusive and does NOT include comprehensive training in personnel practices and procedures, safety procedures or child development. Use of these materials is at your own risk. Any youth program or individual that uses the Quest Clubs name and uses Quest Clubs Content, Service or Websites is not a division, branch, or department of Curiosity Untamed LLC. Their relative status is that of an independent purchaser and licensee (the purchaser) and provider and licensor (Curiosity Untamed LLC) of the Quest Clubs Content.


Invidividual Membership