From life skills to leadership to community service, Quest recognizes those who go above and beyond just earning badges and go the extra mile to build their character, knowledge and skills.


Quest Clubs offers a variety of higher awards.  A brief description of the awards are listed below and all requirements can be found in the Members Only section of our website.


Servant’s Heart Award

We would like to encourage all Quest club members to help better their community and the lives of the people around them.  Members who participate in club service projects or do other community service outside of the club are eligible to earn the Servant’s Heart award when they complete a set number of hours at each age level.


Make a Difference Award
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You earn the Make A Difference award by planning and executing your own community service project.  The scope of the required project increases as kids get older.




Fruit of the Spirit Award

This award is based on the Christian Fruits of the Spirit, but the character traits involved are valued in every world religion as well as secular beliefs.  It is earned for earning all the character badges listed in our code of conduct.




Life Skills Achievement Award

These awards consist of 30 age appropriate life skills that a child must learn and become proficient in at each level.  If you don’t have your child earn anything else, this is the award you should focus on. From learning to wash and dry your own hair at the younger levels to understanding credit agreements at the older levels, your child will be more than ready for life on their own after completing these awards.



Major in an Area of Discovery

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This award is offered for Level 3 and 4 students to help them focus on possible career paths for their future.






Liberty Award

liberty eagleThomas Jefferson warned , “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”  Understanding the importance of American liberty, and how it was obtained,  is crucial if we are to keep that liberty in the years to come.  Learn about the history and development of our great nation, how our government is run, show your patriotism and more.




Leadership Award


The leadership award was designed to encourage kids to take on leadership responsibilities and exhibit leadership skills .





Gem Awards – Above and Beyond

Our higher awards are always designated by a gem in the center based on each level of  Quest.  Gem Awards are the highest award you can earn at each level and the most difficult.  They acknowledge kids for going above and beyond just attending meetings and earning badges, and acknowledge them for their efforts in taking  to heart the most important aspects of our program.




Wow! Award


This award is given to kids who earn 100+ badges at any single age level.