A Note From the Founder – Another Year

by Kerry Cordy

Yet another program year is beginning so it is time to recap last year and see what everyone was up to.  Here are the top 10 badges earned for last year:


 Holiday Specific – 368

Animal Specific – 353

Culture by Country – 315

First Aid – 260

State Specific – 236

Biographies – 222

Emergency Preparedness – 201

Kindness Rocks – 196

Etiquette – 187

Patriotism and Apples tied  – 184


Higher awards take a lot more time and work to earn, but hundreds of kids went the extra mile last year to go above and beyond just earning badges.  Here is a quick synopsis of their accomplishments.

Discovery Awards – 191

Fruit of the Spirit Awards – 46

Gem Awards – 18

Leadership  Awards – 15

Liberty Awards – 30

Life Skill Achievement Awards – 99

Make a Difference Awards – 31

Outdoor Awards – 15

Wow! Awards – 38


There were also a 611 Servant’s Hearts earned for a total of 11,465 hours of service to our communities.  Great job everyone!


New Badges Posted

Slime,  World Geography (Specific)







Changes to Refund Policy

As of October 11,  Paypal will follow industry standards and no longer refund our fees paid on a transaction if we refund all or a portion of it.  Therefore beginning October 11, any memberships that are not cancelled in a timely manner and need to be refunded will only be refunded the amount we originally received from Paypal which was the payment minus the fees.  For Individual memberships $27.76 will be refunded and for family memberships only $56.02 will be refunded.  Please make sure all parents know that they must turn off the auto renew feature via their Paypal account when they leave the program or email us and request that we do so for them to avoid having to process a refund.  We have looked into using other payment gateways, but at this time Paypal is still the least expensive and they are one of the last to switch to the policy of not refunding fees.


Troop #159 Honored with VFW Youth Activities Award

Troop #159 in Colorado was recognized by the National VFW Auxiliary and presented with the Youth Activities Award for the 4th year in a row. They also received the honor of being named Outstanding Youth Group of the Year by the Colorado State VFW Auxiliary, which came with a monetary award. Thank you so much, Debbie Hutchins and all involved at VFW Post 101 for always supporting troop #159!  This troop, although chartered by a local church, has functioned as the Youth Group for VFW Post 101. They are invited to participate in activities and help with service projects such as Memorial Day flag placement, Poppy Drives, Purple Heart Ceremonies and more.  Congratulations Troop #159!



Discounted Tickets for Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker

Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker shows feature beautiful, professional dancers and stunning backdrops and costumes.  Attending one of these shows will help foster an appreciation of dance and the athleticism required to be a dancer.  These performances are enjoyed by 250,000 patrons of all ages annually in over 100 cities nationwide.  Yet again they are offering discounted tickets for Quest members and may even be able to arrange meet and greets with the dancers prior to the show.   Many of our members have taken advantage of this opportunity in the past with great enjoyment.  Watch your emails for updates as we get more information.




Knot Games

by Kerry Cordy

Looking for something to keep you busy on a rainy Saturday afternoon?  How about working on your knots badge?  Whether you use rope, yarn, paracord or string, knot tying is an essential skill both for outdoors as well as everyday use.  Knowing the correct knot to use for each need will help keep both you and your equipment safe and undamaged.  Whether you are tying a drying line at camp or a climbing rope, using the correct knot is essential.

Games like the knot tying card game shown above are a great way to practice your knots while having fun with friends or even just to practice by yourself.  A variety of similar knot card or board games can be found online.  Active games with friends are another fun way to practice.  To practice square knots and two half hitches, try hiding lengths of rope or paracord around your meeting area.  Divide your group into two or more teams and hand a stick to each team.  On “Go!” the particpants must search for hidden rope.  The first piece must be tied to their stick using two half hitches. As more rope is found, each piece must be attached to the one before it using a square knot.  When all the rope has been found or a time limit has been reached, the team with the longest “rope” wins the game.  All knots must be correctly tied however.  If a knot is tied in correctly, all knots tied after that are disqualified and only the length of rope up to that point will count so it pays to constantly check the knots and retie them in necessary before another piece of rope is attached.

Have fun!