You can find the Thankfulness badge here.

Opening Activity

Make a “Thankful Tree.” Cut Thanksgiving leaf shapes or hand-prints out of colored construction paper. Draw a tree trunk and branches on a piece of cardboard. Ask each girl to name things for which they are thankful and write them on each leaf. Glue the leaves. You can pin the Thanksgiving tree to a bulletin board, or butcher paper, and hang it up. (15 min) (optional requirement #13)

Circle Time

What is thankfulness? Read a short biography or discuss someone known for their thankfulness.
(15 min) (Preschool – Level 5 requirement #1, optional requirement  #6)
Patrol/Snack Time
  • Decorate a Thankfulness journal with stickers, markers, etc. (Preschool – Level 5 requirement #2)
  • Draw a picture of what thankfulness means to you and make an acrostic down the page. Then, think of one way to show you are thankful that starts with each letter in the word. For example, for “T”, you could put “Thank a veteran for his/her service in some way” and for “H” you might put “Have a tea party to honor a senior in your life.” (optional requirement #3 & 10)
  • Make a turkey snack and make sure you say “thank you” to those who are serving (extra requirement); Make “Thank you” cards for a group that interests you – fire department, police department, soldiers, hospital workers. (optional requirement #11)

(10 min each station)


Closing Activity

Make a plan to deliver your cards. Make a Friendship Circle – stand in a circle and cross your arms. Take the hand of the person on your right with your left hand, and the person on your left with your right hand. Starting with the leader, squeeze the hand of the person to your left and say “I am thankful for ________ (use their name)”. They will then squeeze the hand of the person to THEIR left and say the same. Continue around the circle. (10 min)

Helpful Links

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