Frontier Girls major world light blueAs children get older and start thinking about future careers, we encourage them to fully explore the areas they are interested in. Members at Levels 3 - 5 can earn a “Major” in any of the Areas of Discovery. To earn this award you must:

1.  Complete 6 badges from their chosen area

2.  Perform a minimum of 6 community service hours within their area

3.  Shadow someone for a day that has a career in their chosen area (minimum 6 hours)

 For example, if you wish to major in the Discovery of Art, you may choose to earn the drama, rubber stamping, painting, stitching, musical instrument, and singing badges. Then you might choose to volunteer 6 hours helping out at your local community theater or to teach an art class for Parks and Recreation. Finally, you may choose to shadow a graphic artist or a sculptor for a day.

(Worn around level tab - remains on vest when advancing levels.  Pins say, "Discover the World" or other Area of Discovery around the colored gem)

Frontier Girls major agriculture light green

Major in Agriculture

Agriculture, the process of raising and producing food, is one of the most important occupations in the world, and one that every girl should be familiar with.Frontier Girls has written badges on a variety of agricultural subjects, and will continue to write more as our program grows.

Frontier Girls major art light purple

Major in Art

Today, more than ever, art is needed as a way for girls to express themselves and strengthen their imagination and creative skills.

Frontier Girls major character purple

Major in Character

Frontier Girls believes that good, moral character is essential to building a strong woman, and we offer badges such as modesty, responsibility, and joy to encourage girls to learn and display character traits that will benefit them in the future.

Frontier Girls major health redMajor in Health and Fitness

Proper health and fitness helps children build and maintain a healthy body, reduces feelings of depression and anxiety, and increases a child's capacity to learn. Learning how to eat properly, get enough physical exercise, and stay safe in a variety of circumstances while they are young will help girls carry over these habits into adulthood.

Frontier Girls major home pinkMajor in the Home

Regardless of what a girl decides to do when she grows older, she will need to know basic skills for running a home. From cooking an cleaning to family relationships, learning skills useful in a home setting will help all girls make the most of their life at home.

Frontier Girls major knowledge champagneMajor in Knowledge

With the invention of the Internet, most families, even in rural communities, have access to unlimited information, if not in their own homes, then at least through the public libraries. Because of this access to information, we are able to offer badges on virtually any subject a girl wishes to learn about.

Frontier Girls major outdoors brownMajor in the Outdoors

It has been shown that kids who spend time outside have fitter bodies, better eyesight, less stress, and better grades. Every child should be encouraged to see the wonders of nature, climbs trees, and develop a respect for wildlife and their natural surroundings.

Frontier Girls major science orangeMajor in Science and Technology

In today's technological world, keeping up with the latest science and technology is a necessary part of everyday life. In addition, science education fuels curiosity and provides children with valuable ideas, skills, and potential future career choices.

Frontier Girls major world light blueMajor in the World

In today's global world, kids need to understand more about the world around them then just what is in their own backyard. Learning about our world's geography, different cultures and people, and our history will give them a better understand of the world today.