Louis L'Amour Badge

(Discover Knowledge/Discover the Outdoors)

by Charlotte R. Duke


Preschool: Do three requirements including the two starred *

Level 1: Do four requirements including the two starred *

Level 2: Do five requirements including the two starred *

Level 3: Do six requirements including the two starred *

Level 4: Do seven requirements including the two starred *

Level 5: Do nine requirements including the two starred *


_____1.* Learn who Louis L'Amour was and when he lived. Know what a Western novel is, and what "western" means.

_____2.* Read at least one of Louis L'Amour's books. (Read a new book if you are earning this badge a different level).

_____3. Make a timeline of Louis L'Amour's life. Be sure to include when each of his books was written and published. You must have at least 10 items on your timeline.

_____4. Listen to an audio-book or dramatization of one of Louis L'Amour's books. How does it compare to the actual book? Did listening really make it come alive?

_____5. Write a book report one of the books you read.

_____6. Choose a time period from one of Louis L'Amour's books, and learn about it. Things to learn about could include: fashions of that particular time period, technological advances or discoveries made, or world events.

_____7. Louis L'Amour wrote an entire series of books about a family named Sackett. The series covered most of America's history, starting with Barnabas Sackett coming from England to America during the reign of Elizabeth I. Read at least one of the books in the Sackett series.

_____8. Read at least five of Louis L'Amour's books.

_____9. Watch a movie adaption of a Louis L'Amour book and read the book it was based off. Did the screenwriters do a good job or adapting the book?

_____10. During the times in which Louis L'Amour wrote about, men and women needed to know how to fire a gun in order to protect themselves from danger, such as wild animals. Learn about the history of development of firearms in America.

_____11. Look at a map of the westward expansion of America. What was a pioneer? What was a covered wagon?

_____12. Choose a state west of the Mississippi and research which Indian tribes lived there. Pick a tribe and learn more about it.

_____13. Earn the Cowgirl/Cowboy badge at your level.

_____14. Learn about careers that could potentially relate to Louis L'Amour's work, such as a screenwriter, film director, librarian, rancher, cowboy/girl, or Texas Ranger. If possible, shadow someone for a day in one of these areas.

_____15. Not all of Louis L'Amour's books were Westerns. Some of his books concerned places such as the Solomon Islands. Read at least one of his non-western books and locate the place on a map.

_____16. Louis L'Amour also wrote several books about a Texas Ranger named Chick Bowdrie. Find and read at least one book starring him.

_____17. Earn one of the firearms badges.


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