Life Skills Requirements for Level 2


_____1.  Demonstrate the ability to complete all  Level 1 Achievement skills.
_____2.  Bake and frost a cake by yourself.
_____3.  Properly vacuum a room and demonstrate how to clean out the filter or change the bag.
_____4.  Change the sheets on a bed.
_____5.  Sew on a button.
_____6.  Sew a simple seam.
_____7.  Properly perform an introduction.
_____8.  Properly mop a floor.
_____9.  Hand wash and dry dishes.
_____10.  Load and unload a dishwasher.
_____11.  Swim 30 feet without a flotation device, tread water for 3 minutes, and float on your back for 2 minutes.
_____12.  Complete both a forward and backward roll  (You can keep from being severely injured during a fall if you know the proper way to roll).
_____13.  Throw and catch a ball a distance of 20 feet.
_____14.  Know the basic Federal Flag Code rules.
_____15.  Safely use a glue gun, be able to hammer in a nail, tighten and loosen screws with a screwdriver and bolts with a wrench.
_____16.  Use a can opener.
_____17.  Demonstrate how to scramble eggs.
_____18.  Fix a complete breakfast including at least one hot food.
_____19.  Fix a complete dinner including at least one hot food.
_____20.Wrap a present (with paper, no bags). Learn to fold the ends properly and make a “+” style ribbon tie using only one strand of ribbon.
_____21.  Tie two strings/ropes together using a square knot.
_____22.  Know the words to the National Anthem and what they mean.
_____23.  Know how to use a phone book, dictionary, Atlas, and Encyclopedia.
_____24.  Demonstrate how to safely use an internet search engine and research information online (only with parent’s permission).
_____25.  Send an email.
_____26.  Create a simple flier, card, or invitation using a computer.
_____27.  Identify items in a basic first aid kit and know how to use them.
_____28.  Know proper first aid for blisters, minor burns or scalds, snakebite, nosebleeds, frostbite and sunburn.
_____29.  Prepare a budget  for a meal, trip, party, or some other occasion.
_____30.  Properly clean a toilet.