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by Dawn Durbin


Preschool: Do three requirements including the two starred *

_____1.* Find out why they are called "Cabbage Patch Kids."

_____2.* With a friend or family member, play with your Cabbage Patch Kid(s).


Level 1: Do four requirements including the two starred *

_____1.* Do Preschool requirements 1 & 2.

_____2.* Who invented Cabbage Patch Kids and when? Why are they "adopted?"


Level 2: Do five requirements including the two starred *

_____1.* Do Level 1 requirements 1 & 2.

_____2.* Make a timeline of how Cabbage Patch Kids have changed over the years. Include important events, pricing changes, outfit changes, etc, and make sure your timeline has at least 10 items.


Level 3: Do six requirements including the two starred *

_____1.* Do Level 2 requirements 1 & 2.

_____2.* Several different companies throughout the years have acquired the rights to Cabbage Patch Kids. What were these companies and who currently owns the rights to CPK?


Level 4: Do seven requirements including the two starred *

_____1.* Do Level 3 requirements 1 & 2.

_____2.* Design and make an outfit for your Cabbage Patch Kid.


Level 5: Do nine requirements including the two starred *

_____1.* Do Level 4 requirements 1 & 2.



Optional requirements:

_____3. Donate a Cabbage Patch Kid to a charity of your choice.

_____4. Organize a picnic or tea party with you, your Cabbage Patch Kids and some friends.

_____5. How have Cabbage Patch Kids related to the US Olympic Teams in the past?

_____6. Watch a video of the Cabbage Patch Dance and try to recreate it on your own.

_____7. Read or have read to you a Cabbage Patch book.

_____8. Make your own commercial promoting Cabbage Patch Kids. What would you say to make other kids want to buy them?

_____9. Look into careers involving the toy industry, such as doll designers, working for a toy company, etc.

_____10. Learn about variations and extensions of Cabbage Patch Kids. When were they released? How are they different than the main Cabbage Patch Kids?




Helpful Links:

Cabbage Patch Kids.com

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