Leadership and Teamwork

Quest¬†provides a great opportunity for¬†kids to work together as a team as well as to learn to take on leadership responsibilities.¬† In addition to badges and awards involving teamwork and leadership skills, all¬†kids in grades 3 and up¬†have the opportunity to serve in leadership positions within the club. ¬†These¬†kids are ‚Äúessential pieces‚ÄĚ of the¬†club and are represented by a puzzle piece pin.¬† ¬†Positions¬†are held for anywhere from 6 months¬† to 1 year, giving each¬†child enough time to learn and become proficient at the job, but switching often enough that all¬†kids should get a chance to serve within 2-3 years.¬† Those¬†kids who need to hold a leadership position in order to complete a gem award¬†should be¬†given priority.¬† Leadership positions available are:


Leader in Training:  The Leader in Training in responsible for making sure meetings start on time.  They should have a watch at every meeting and give quiet reminders to the Leader when it is time to start, have snack, etc.  They are also responsible for keeping the kids occupied with songs or games if there is a lull in the meeting and the Leader is busy.  Your leader in training should be trained in both the scribe and treasurer positions so that they can fill in if necessary.  Finally, the Leader in Training is responsible for calling all patrol leaders with any important updates or information between meetings.



Scribe:  The Scribe in responsible for taking notes at all meetings when business is discussed.  They are also responsible for logging in all badges and service stars earned.  An adult should always oversee this position to make sure it is done correctly.





Snack Coordinator:  The Snack Coordinator is responsible for creating a snack rotation list and calling to remind kids when it is their turn to bring snack.  If for some reason a child cannot bring snack, it is the snack coordinator’s job to find a substitute.




Treasurer:  The Treasure is responsible for reporting the current finances of the club at each Leadership meeting.  They should help prepare budgets for all events and activities.  The Treasurer is also responsible for logging in all payments to the club, these may include dues, family registrations, uniform fees, or payments for badges and awards.  An adult should always oversee this position to make sure it is done correctly.



Care Coordinator:  The Care Coordinator is responsible for praying for the club at least once a week.  They should have cards ready to sign for all special needs (illness, birthday, thanks, etc.) and make sure they reach the intended recipient.  Finally, if your club is participating in our Support A Soldier program, the Care Coordinator is responsible for packing and shipping all care packages.  (The club is still responsible for paying all shipping charges.)



Photographer:  The Photographer takes pictures at all club meetings and events.  You may wish to have more than one child serve in this position if you have a large club.  This ensures that there are pictures of every child.




Reporter:  The reporter is responsible for writing a club newsletter as well as sending photos and write ups to the local media.




Patrol Leader:    The Patrol Leaders lead a patrol of between 4 to 8 kids and are in charge of making sure their patrol is ready for the meeting,

completes their kapers (chores) in a timely manner and that any younger children in the group have a buddy to help them if necessary during crafts or games.  Patrol leaders are also responsible for calling the kids in their patrol to pass on important updates or information.