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Issue #8 – June/July 2015


kerry-face-284x300Late Newsletter…

My apologies for missing the June Newsletter.   For those who were unaware, my oldest daughter graduated high school last month.  May is always a crazy month as we process orders for everyone’s end of year ceremonies, but this year was much worse.  My own schedule was insane thanks to graduation activities and the fact that my Frontier Girls troop decided to work on their Drama badge and produce a complete play for their final ceremony, so items like the monthly newsletter fell to the bottom of the priority pile.  Better late than never though so I have combined June news with July and should be back on track for regular newsletters again.

Kerry Cordy




facebookFacebook Group

by Kerry Cordy

If you have not already joined our Frontier Girls and Quest Clubs Facebook group, I highly recommend it.   As many are aware, Frontier Girls is the original program from which Quest is a spin-off.  Since both programs use the same badges and awards we have found that a single forum is best for sharing ideas and support.  We love to hear from our Quest members and seeing photos of your projects.  This group is a great place ask questions, get ideas for working on badges and share tips and resources.






New Badges Added

Canoeing, The Seven Teachings

canoeingseven teachings







lashingOutdoor Skills – Quest Rangers Outpost #241

by Joe Bowling

Quest Rangers Outpost 241 ( NC ) Expedition Rangers  held their ” 8 Basic Skills ” & Scout Assessment Camp.   Many badges and patches revolving around outdoor skills were earned such as Lashing Merit and Safety Merit.  Outpost Junior Commander and Senior Patrol Leaders taught their fellow Ranger the skills, then evaluated his successful application of the skills… of course Rangers Elisha and Joel D Bowling assisted their older Rangers in these areas… Congrats Nathan on earning your Gold Scout Tab Award and the corresponding ” 8 Basic Skills ” patch.





memorial dayMemorial Day 2015 Ceremony at the Garner NC War Memorial

by Joe Bowling

Quest Rangers Outpost 241 ( NC ) Rangers were honored to be active participants in the 2015 Memorial Day Ceremony at the Garner War Memorial, as requested by our American Legion Post 232 sponsors, in such a solemn ceremony as our community honored the BRAVE PATRIOTS who gave their lives for our freedom!





Great Resources for Club Numbers and Names

Frontiersmen Troop #159 found a great resource for military looking numbers and name patches for club uniforms.

Northern Safari Army Navy

Names and numbers can be custom stitched on several different camo backgrounds for about $5.99 each.

camo patch






Quest Rangers OUtpost #214 uses 1800NameTape which also provides custom stitching on a variety of military fabrics for a reasonable price.



Adapting Requirements

by Kerry Cordy

Several times a year I get asked about adapting requirements for special circumstances such as physical disabilities.    Keep in mind that all Quest requirements may adapted to suit the needs of the individual.  All we ask is that you keep the goal of the requirement in mind.  If you are required to learn to ride a bike, the goal behind this skill is to provide your own transportation without relying on someone to drive you around.  If you have a disability that prevents you from learning to ride, you may choose to learn to operate a wheelchair, an electric scooter, or to use the public bus system.    Requirements may be adapted for religious purposes, location specific difficulties such as needing to visit a place online rather than in person, food allergies, etc.  If you need help coming up with alternate requirements, just email and I will be happy to send you some ideas.


meganValentines for Soldiers

by Megan Lundquist – Owl/Co-Leader Troop #159

Hi, my name is Megan Lundquist and I’m an Owl and co-Leader with Frontier Girls Troop #159 in Colorado.  I am doing a Valentine Drive for deployed soldiers for 2016.  I would like your help!  Please have your girls make Valentine Cards and send them to me by December 19, 2015.  I would love to shower them with Love!  Thank you.

Frontier Girls Troop #159
c/o Megan Lundquist

3935 Half Turn Pl
Colorado Springs CO 80917