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Issue #6 – February 2015


0127151743bGet Active!

by Kerry Cordy

Don’t let bad weather deter you from doing active events with your girls.  There is plenty to do indoors if you just look around.  Troop #101 and #273  and their corresponding Quest Boys recently earned their Bouldering Badge at a local indoor rock climbing facility.  This form of rock climbing is a great way to get your whole troop involved, even the little kids, as there are no ropes, helmets, etc., just free climbing with giant crash mats on the floor.   The picture to the left was a group of some of the kids doing a horizontal climb going across the wall rather than straight up.  We had kids from age 6-17 participate and they all loved it!  Check out the new Bouldering Badge to get further ideas.


swaps2015 SWAPS Has Begun!

Everyone who registered for a SWAPS partner should will receive an email with their partner’s contact information by Feb. 3.   If for any reason you feel you will be unable to carry through and send your partner the required number of SWAPS in a timely manner, contact both your partner and Quest Clubs as soon as possible so that we can reassign them a new partner.

Each partner has listed the number of SWAPS you will need to send them to ensure that every kid (and adult) will get a SWAP.  If your number has changed since you registered, please make sure to let your partner(s) know.    All SWAPS should be mailed to your partner(s) no later than Feb 28.  Don’t forget to include a letter explaining how the SWAP represents your club/child.  If you need SWAP ideas, please post on the Frontier Girls and Quest Club Facebook page.


New Badges Released

Bouldering, Hindenburg










Help With Make a Difference

Charlotte Duke, an Owl level Frontier Girl down in Texas, is working on her Make a Difference project and could use some help.   Frontier Girls is the sister program to Quest Clubs and uses the same badges and awards.  Charlotte has been a Frontier Girl since 2008 and was the first recipient of the Charlotte Duke Award (a Frontier Girls scholarship named in her honor.)   As a new Owl she has discovered that many of our badges simply don’t have enough optional requirements for the Adults to complete the badge properly, so she is on a mission to update all of our badges with some extra Adult appropriate requirements.  As part of her Make a Difference Award, she must lead at least 3 people, so she is looking for volunteers to help her with her project.   If you are interested, please email Charlotte Duke at with the subject line “Make a Difference Award.”


ms veteranMs. Veteran America Competition

Tonya Howard – Leader Troop #324


I am asking Quest Club Leaders and,kids to help support Tonya Howard’s journey of becoming MS. Veteran America 2015.  Tonya is the new leader of Frontier Girls Troop #324, our sister program,  and has dedicated her entire adult life to the United States Navy for close to 15 yrs even as a single parent with 2 kids. The Ms. Veteran America competition highlights more than the strength and courage of our nations military women, but also reminds us that these women are Mothers, Daughters, Sisters and Wives.  They also pay tribute to the women who have made the ultimate sacrifice during their military service. Some gave all.  Proceeds from this event provides housing for homeless women Veterans and their children.

In order for Tonya to qualify as a finalist she will be scored in many areas.  One is in how much support she can get on her community page, so please show her your support and  visit her page and click “like” at

Another area is in her fundraising for homeless veterans via Final Salute Inc.  who provides homeless women veterans with safe and suitable housing.  If you can help with a donation, please visit her CrowdRise page at  This page is coordinated though the Ms. Veteran American pageant.

For more information on the Ms. Veteran American program, please visit their website at



For all Texas Clubs – This is a great free resource to work on your Liberty Award badges:

Entertain and educate your kids with a Veteran volunteer speaker from the Joe Foss Institute (JFI), a non profit organization. The “Veterans Inspiring Patriotism” (VIP) program provides scouts additional information about their rights, roles and responsibilities of being a good citizen. This interactive presentation supports the message …behind the Liberty Award and various Quest Club badges such as Patriotism and U.S. Constitution.

The VIP program is fun and inspiring and has been presented to scouts/students nationwide. Participating troops receive at no cost, American flags and pocket booklets of the U.S. Constitution/Bill of Rights. In addition to personal experiences reflecting character and a positive role-model image, our speakers cover educational materials on history, government, patriotism and public service.

For additional information and to schedule a program for your troop contact: Ron Banks, Regional Director-Texas, Joe Foss Institute, 214-460-7173 Website:


Classified Ads

The following patches are for sale by Katie Lundquist of Club #159  in CO.  Each patch is $.50  and must be prepaid before shipping or she is willing to trade if you have patches she needs.  Contact Katie

classified patches