Issue #33 – May 2019



A Note From the Founder – Getting Ready for Next Year!

by Kerry Cordy

Ideas have been swirling in my head for quite awhile now, but 2018 turned into the year of unexpected disasters so not much got done.  Now that life is settling back down again, I am excited to launch some new resources.  Our new Curiosity Untamed website is slowing gathering resources and the forum is gaining steam.  You can help out by visiting the forum frequently to see where you might help others by giving answers or ideas, or even posting a question of your own in regards to either Frontier Girls or Quest Clubs.  I am hoping to build an extensive database of information on the forum so that new members and leaders can more easily find answers to their questions.

By 2020 I hope to launch our new Curiosity Untamed Youtube channel and podcast.  If you have any interest in being a guest on the show or submitting your own videos for our channel to help provide resources for others, please email me at with the subject line Curiosity Untamed Show.  My hope is that by this time next year, our resource sites will be full of fun and useful information to help make your badge earning journey even more successful and our new Youtube channel and podcast will be up and running.

Let your curiosity run untamed!



New Membership Coordinator

As most of you know, Frontier Girls LLC is a small family run business and employees consist of friends, family and members of the local Frontier Girls troop.  I am happy to announce that Lisa Peasha has joined the team as our new membership coordinator.  One of my longest and dearest friends, I am happy to have this bubbly energetic woman back by my side.  A longtime homeschooler, Lisa’s son is a high school math teacher and her daughter is now a culinary chef.  Lisa’s creativity in incorporating badge work into education will be a huge benefit to future brain storming sessions as we continue to grow the Quest program. 

Lisa served on the original board of directors when I first started Frontier Girls back in 2007 and designed much of the record keeping formats we still use today in both Frontier Girls and Quest Clubs.  She will be in charge of helping clubs keep memberships up to date, answer membership questions, finding ways to grow our membership such as using social media posts and will help with the general bookkeeping and record keeping as well.  

If you would like to welcome her to the team she can be reached at


New Badges Posted:

Zombie Apocalypse, Keyboarding/Typing



Virtual Typewriter Museum

If you plan to work on the new Typewriting badge, visiting the online Virtual Typewriter Museum is a great way to see a huge variety of typewriters over the years.  This online collection includes photos, timelines, and histories.

The Virtual Typewriter Museum is based on private collections of antique typewriters from 1870s to 1930 from all over the world. The navigation is easy; you can search and view typewriters by brand name or by chronological order. Relevant links are provided in case you need to find machines by different sorts of keyboards or index numbers.

The virtual typewriter museum holds an extensive collection of historical photographs revealing the peculiarities of typewriter art, advertising postcards, trade cards and much more. In addition, books section will lead you to a list of publications on typewriter history and related topics.

Visit the museum here:



Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 2019 is open!

The Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award is the biggest poetry competition for 11-17 year olds in the world, and has kick-started the careers of the some of the most exciting names in poetry. Former winners included Sarah Howe, Helen Mort, Caroline Bird, Richard Osmond, Jay Bernard and Mukahang Limbu.
The top 100 chosen poets (15 top winners and 85 commended) receive a range of fantastic prizes, from mentoring to a place on a life-changing Arvon writing course, from Poetry Society membership to a stack of poetry goodies. They also continue to receive support and development opportunities from The Poetry Society.
It is completely free to enter and is open to anyone aged 11-17 years old from across the world. The deadline to enter is the 31 July 2019. Poems must be in English or in BSL (do contact if you have queries regarding any BSL entries).

All the details are available online at


April Showers Bring May Flowers

As spring arrives, flower crafts are a great way to earn a variety of badges or get ready for mother’s day.  DLTK has a great page with all sorts of resources for a wide variety of flower crafts for all ages levels.  Check them out at:

Possible badges to work on could be:

  • Mother’s Day (Holiday Specific)
  • Wildflowers
  • Paper Crafts
  • Crafts
  • Origami


New Fund Raising Opportunity – Driven Coffee Roasters

Driven Coffee is a small team of artisans from across the Midwest that came together in Minneapolis, Minnesota to share a common passion for specialty coffee. We focus our efforts on responsibly sourcing, craft roasting, and meticulously brewing the best coffees possible to serve our customers across the country.

We roast our coffees on a small batch Probat Roaster that gives us the freedom to manually control all stages of the roasting process to further develop our unique blends and single origins. We maintain strict quality control and cup our coffees endlessly to ensure our customers receive a consistent product that highlights the delicate nuances of each and every bean. In a world that is full of massive commercial coffee companies, we stand apart as a small craft roaster focused on delivering fresh, complex coffees.

At Driven we believe that great coffee can lead to an even greater purpose. To live out this philosophy we donate 5% of profits on all web sales to organizations that advocate positive change in our communities and around the world.


 At Driven Coffee we have a deep-rooted desire to help others, and our Fundraising Program has proven to be a great vehicle to accomplish just that. If you’re looking for unique fundraising ideas for your school, non-profit, church, sports team, college, small groups, mission trip, PTO/PTA, club, or any other organization – consider a coffee fundraiser!
– No start-up fees
– No minimum orders
– Free custom labels with your full color logo & group name
– 40% profit / $6 profit on coffee products & $4 profit on snack products
– Coffee roasted fresh & delivered within 3 weeks
– Program includes: coffee, hot cocoa mix, mixed nuts, gourmet caramel corn, k-cups, tea
– Product separated per participant
– Product can be stored at room temperature
– Free shipping on orders over 150 products
– Dedicated fundraising specialist…that’s me here to handle all of your details!
$2,500.00 Profit Example:
If 25 participants sell 10 coffee products and 10 snack products:
25 participants * 10 coffee products * $6.00 profit/product = $1,500.00 profit
25 participants * 10 snack products * $4 profit/product = $1,000.00 profit
Total = $2,500.00 profit
For more information regarding fundraising through Driven Coffee Roasters visit