Issue #31 – March 2019


A Note From the Founder – I am Loved!

by Kerry Cordy

February 20 was Leader Appreciation Day for Quest Clubs.  This date was chosen for our program as it was my mother’s birthday and she was the inspiration behind my desire to create Qiuest.  Over the years many clubs had gotten in the habit of sending birthday and appreciation cards to “Grandma Sandy” on this day.  As many of you know, after many years of battling Alzheimer’s, my mother passed away in December.  This is her first birthday I had to spent without her and it was quite emotional.  What a wonderful surprise when I checked the mail that evening to find a huge envelope of cards not to my mother, but “Be Happy” cards for me from troop #159 out in Colorado.  They knew it would be an emotional day for me and took the lead to make sure I knew I was loved and to help brighten my day.  Thank you!


Win $50!

In an effort to populate our new forum with useful information we are running a contest for the next two months.   This forum combines all questions for Frontier Girls and Quest as well Curiosity Untamed.  Every time you ask a question or answer a question for someone else you will be entered into a drawing to win $50.  If you don’t see a forum category that suits your question, please email me at either or and I will be happy to add a new category.

The drawing will take place on April 1.

Click the image below to go directly to the forum or visit  


New Badges Posted!

Face Painting, Guinea Pigs, Scavenger Hunts







Adorable Fairy Gardens

Check out Club #321’s Fairy Gardens for the Fairy Garden badge.



Flat Traveler in Space!

Its a first!  We have our first space traveler.  Her name is Flat Noelle and she is part of Ellen Smith’s troop in Pennsylvania.  Flat Noelle had the honor of riding along on Virgin Galactic’s new space plane.  Read the full article on the space flight here:


The Frontiersmen of Colorado Springs have been working on their knots badge.  Their knot board is a great way to remember which knot is which and the boys not only practiced their knots, but learned to tie a tie at their meeting as well!


What is a Badge Hound?

By Kerry Cordy

Over the years many people have heard me refer to “badge hounds” and wondered what in the world I was talking about.  A “badge hound” is someone who can sniff out a badge in everything they do and earn hundreds of badges at each age level.  Amelia Nankivell and Abby Pawlowski are the perfect examples of badge hounds. Right now the girls have about 600 badges between them.  They are both trying to earn one more WOW! Before they move up to the next age level this summer. 

The longer kids participate in Quest, the more they begin to “think in badges.”  After awhile everything around them becomes a learning opportunity.  Pretty soon they can’t celebrate a holiday without wondering what the history of it is,  or learn a new sport without wondering what careers there might be in their future.  Anything and everything becomes something to wonder about and question.  

Are you a badge hound?

Art Contest

The National Park Service and National Fossil Day partners are sponsoring an art contest to celebrate the 10th annual National Fossil Day. National Fossil Day is scheduled for Wednesday, October 16, 2019, during Earth Science Week. The theme for this year’s art contest is: “Extinct Giants and Survivors of the Last Ice Age.” For this theme they would like to see at least one representative of the extinct Late Pleistocene megafauna and one creature that lived along with these Ice Age giants but also survived into modern times! A megafauna refers to any group of large terrestrial animals in an ecosystem. The 2019 National Fossil Day logo features both an extinct Late Pleistocene giant ground sloth and a vampire bat, which is a creature still alive today.

For more information and full rules and deadlines, please visit their website at:

FirstEnergy StadiumScout Night at FirstEnergy Stadium – Ohio

I am reaching out to you today in regards to our Scout Night at the stadium this 2019 season. We will be having a Girl Scout night Saturday May 11th.We are still in the early stages of planning the event but I wanted to reach out today and let you know. We will be offering a discounted rate for the troops that attend and offer an online portal where your Quest parents can purchase tickets from if that is what you wanted to do. We will be offering a patch too. If you are interested or want to stay in the loop of information feel free to reach out to me with any questions and/or concerns. Thank you.
Cassandra Ferree
Reading Fightin Phils
Group Sales Intern
FirstEnergy Stadium
610-370-BALL x228


by Kerry Cordy

A self-described “renaissance hack, raconteur, and all-around tricky person,”  Ron Giesecke, a homeschool parent from Redding, CA has been practicing sleight of hand magic for years.  Active in our community with both his magic and his music, he taught our local troop the Magic Tricks badge and has performed at both my daughters’ sober grad events when they graduated from high school.  It was with joy that I saw him and his wife Nicole recently getting a quick photo shoot with Piff the Magic Dragon and Mr. Piffles from America’s Got Talent.   Having two of my favorite sleight of hand magicians in the same room was a great experience.  Ron has his own show coming up at the Trinity Performing Arts Center called “A Brief History of Deception”.  Ron is a great example of the Quest belief that anything and everything is educational and his show incorporates not only sleight of hand magic, but pieces of history, storytelling and even a nod to Doctor Who.  Ron is a great example of living what Quest hopes to teach and creating a learning experience out everything.  I can’t wait to see the show!