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Issue #3 November 2014



facebookNew Frontier Girls and Quest Clubs Facebook Group

If you have not yet joined, our new Frontier Girls and Quest Clubs Facebook Group is a great place to meet other leaders and members to get ideas and support.  Many members have already uploaded a variety of files to help with everything from record keeping to meeting plans.  If you need ideas or resources for earning badges, fundraising ideas, or just a place to make some friends, come join us!




 New Badges Added

Berry Badge, Peanut Butter Badge, Biomes Badge, Compassion Badge, Women in Science Badge, Pumpkin Badge

berries  biomes compassion  peanut-butter pumpkin women-in-science

learning-journal-121x150Learning Journal

Chana Barak, one of our leaders for Troop #262,  recently created a new product called the Learning Journal. It’s 200 pages of prompts to track how and what you learn. While she originally created it as a tool for her homeschooled child, it makes a great scout journal too and can be used brush up on badge topics before leading meetings with your troop or for girls to track what they are learning.   If anyone is interested, you can find it on Amazon , you can also follow on Instagram for more pictures @learningjournal .(posted with permission)






hanuaka-150x137Chanukah Cards for Our Soldiers

Reposting this from the Scouting for Girls Facebook page.

If anyone wants to help make Chanukah cards for our soldiers please contact the group below and make sure to send them by Dec. 1.

Freida and Hannah (two Juliette Brownies) are at it again. For now second annual Chanukah cards for Jewish US soldiers service project is underway. Please share and if your troops are willing to make cards that would be awesome!

Chanukah Cards for Jewish US Soldiers 2014… December 1 145 Rock Glen Rd; Wynnewood, PA 19096


binder-150x108Tips and Treasures

From Elizabeth Simmons

My helpful hints for organizing the badge record binder – where I keep all of their badge forms and the level log. 1. Buy a BIG binder. 2. Use colored paper for the level log. I bought a pastel pack from Office Max and use pink for preschool, yellow for Level 1, blue for Level 2, green for Level 3, and lavender for Level 4 and leaders. 3. This year I am adding the year they will finish the level in the corner. I am forever forgetting who will be advancing and repeatedly ask my parents about grade levels as I’m making plans. Maybe this will help. 4. Buy another BIG binder to archive members records when they move up or leave the club.


helping-hands-150x150Community Service Ideas for November

  • Recognize veterans in your community.
  • This is military family month – support a military family with meals, yard work, babysitting, etc.
  • Adopt a “grand friend” and write them letters and visit them.
  • Donate toys or suitcases to foster children.
  • Adopt a pothole and raise funds to repair it.