Issue #25 – February 2018


A Note From the Founder -Charter School Vendor

Quest Clubs is now a vendor for several different charter schools around the country.  If you homeschool through a charter, you can now request that we become a vendor so that your school will pay for your homeschool membership each year as part of your curriculum.  Schools can contact us through the Frontier Girls LLC office by email at or by phone at 530-524-8799 if they are interested.

Kerry Cordy









If you registered for our March 4th SWAPS event, you will be receiving an email with contact information for your SWAPS partner and instructions on how to proceed by the end of next week.  Please read the email carefully and follow all instructions.  If for some reason you signed up and cannot no longer participate, please email as soon as possible so that we can reassign your partner to someone new.   Your SWAP should be something that represents your troop in some way so make sure to include a personal letter so your partner can get to know your club and understand why the SWAP has meaning for you.  All SWAPS need to be mailed no later than March 1.






New! – Badge of the Week

Beginning in January we started daily posts on our Facebook page ( to provide ideas and resources for a different badge each week.  It is our hope that these posts will inspire you to try badges you may otherwise have passed by.  You can follow us on our Frontier Girls LLC Instagram for daily posts as well.  All posts will eventually be combined into resource pages available on our blog for help in planning club meetings.



New Badges This Month

BBQ (Barbecue)Villains, Salem Witch Trials












generationOn Grants Now Available

The youth division of Points of Light, generationOn is excited to announce an exciting grant opportunity to help kids serve their communities. With the generous support of Warner Bros., generationOn is excited to provide $500 grants for kids around the country to create two service projects, both addressing the issue of either the environment, hunger or animal welfare. Applications are being accepted until February 12th.  Information and access to the application can be found here:


Six Flags Great Escape in NY 2018 All Scout Day