Issue #23 – November 2017


Note from the Founder – Social Media

In an effort to expand Quest Clubs and get the word out that we exist, I am asking for help from our members.  Each month in our newsletter there will be a social media challenge to participate in specific activities and then post pictures on your social media with  specific hashtags so that others may find us (and so that you can find each other!).  This month is a kindness challenge for World Kindness Day on Nov. 13.    Please keep in mind that these challenges are designed to be viewed by the public, so please make sure privacy settings for these posts are set to Public and that you have permission from parents to post pictures of the girls in your troop.  Thanks for your help!


New Badges Added

Light and Shadow,   Kindness Rock Project







World Kindness Day – November 13

November 13th is World Kindness Day. To show your support of world kindness, and kindness in everyday life, help us show the world what Quest is all about. Throughout the month post pictures and videos or you, or your club in your uniforms, if you have them, performing random acts of kindness on social media, and tag them with #questclubskindness2017 and #worldkindnessday.  You can also use the Holiday Specific Badge to earn the World Kindness Day Badge.




Do’s and Don’ts Of Painting Rocks:  Kindness Rocks


  • Make sure your rock is nice and clean before painting.
  • Only paint happy things, and art that will brighten someone’s day!
  • Make sure you seal your rock so your paint doesn’t wash away. Acrylic paint is the easiest and cheapest option. And while it is non-toxic it isn’t very good for the environment.



  • Trespass when hiding your rocks.
  • Put your rock in a lawn, or large body of grass. It can get ran over by a lawn mower causing sparks and fires.
  • Don’t leave your rock in National parks, or any park or place that has leave no trace rules, and other regulations regarding the protection of nature and its natural beauty.
  • Don’t leave your rock at businesses or other private property without permission.

If you are worried about hiding rocks in the wrong place there’s plenty you can do with painted rocks that doesn’t include hiding them. You can fill up a basket with pretty rocks, and rocks with happy sayings and take them to local businesses, to see if they would like to set the basket on the counter and give them out for free to customers to brighten their day. You can go to a hospital or Senior citizen home and pass them out to make their days, or give them away to teachers and neighbors. You can even just carry some around in your pockets to hand out as you go about your day. The point of painted rocks is to spread joy, and kindness through art, not to hide them.


Family Volunteer Day – Nov. 18, 2017

Be inspired by the power of helping others! Family Volunteer Day is coming up on Saturday, November 18. This is a day to volunteer together, creating deep bonds in your family and with your community. It doesn’t take a lot of time to make a big difference, so visit to pledge to participate, download DIY project for the whole family to enjoy or find a volunteer opportunity near you! Together, we can create a brighter tomorrow. 


American Kennel Club Patch Program

An opportunity for Quest Clubs in the Orange County, FL area.

The American Kennel Club will be holding its National Championship on December 16, 2017 in Orlando. This is their biggest dog event of the year and it is very exciting!

They will be hosting the AKC Patch Program at this event and are inviting local youth groups to attend. The AKC Patch Program takes place at a dog show and allows children to learn about purebred dogs, responsible dog ownership, and dog shows. Lessons include learning about the 7 AKC breed groups, events at the AKC dog show, responsible dog ownership, basic canine care, and more.  They have hosted various youth organizations at this program all over the country and would like to host Quest clubs this year.

This program is an interactive, hands-on learning experience that emphasizes the importance of being a responsible dog owner and a good citizen.   This program is appropriate for students of any age. Each participating child will receive a free patch and the youth and accompanying adults will receive free admission to the show. There is no cost to attend this program.

If you would like to attend please use this link to RSVP.