Issue #22 – September 2017


A Note From the Founder – Another Program Year Begins!

by Kerry Cordy

It is that time of year again, when school has begun and clubs are getting up and running for the new program year.  Every year at this time, we recap a bit of last year to help you get motivated and see what other members have been up to.  Check out what the most popular badges were, how many awards were earned, and learn about a few of the member’s favorite field trips and service projects.

The Most Popular Badges From Last Year











How Many of Our Highest Awards Were Earned?










Favorite Field Trips

  • Camel Dairy
  • Aquarium
  • Zoon
  • Museums
  • Krispy Kreme Donut Tour
  • Fishing Trip
  • Folk Festival


Service Project Sampler

  • Litter clean up after a local festival
  • Put up flags on veterans’ graves for Memorial Day
  • Cleaning veterans’ headstones
  • Collecting food for food banks
  • Donating puzzles and books to a school


Favorite Activities

  • Dressing up as Dr. Seuss characters for Dr. Seuss’s birthday
  • Formal attire badge ceremony
  • Painting and hiding Kindness Rocks
  • Movie Days – including a tour of the theater
  • Attending the Insect and Ladybug Festival




Frontier Boy Honored by East Texas Patriot Guard Riders

by Sylvia Duke

(This article was supposed to be in the April Quest Newsletter, but it was somehow never posted)

Arthur Duke, Eagle Level Frontier Boy with Troop 109 in Big Sandy was honored Monday 6 March 2017 by the East Texas Patriot Guard Riders.  The ETPGR presented Arthur with a plaque “in appreciation for . . . unswerving support and dedication to our veterans and the East Texas Patriot Guard Riders”.

Arthur has been leading troop members in making Star Appreciation Packets for ETPGR since July 2016, so far making more than 4,400 packets for his Make a Difference Award through Quest.  Flags needing to be retired are donated and the stars salvaged for use in the Star Appreciation Packets.

For information on the East Texas Patriot Guard Riders and the Star Appreciation Cards contact Norma McComb at ETPGR Guard Shack or see and



New Badges Added!



A Request For Support

by Kerry Cordy

Occasionally one of our Quest Clubs members finds themselves in the need of a little love and support and when that happens, I encourage you all to respond with as much love as you can share.  This was posted on our Frontier Girls and Quest Clubs Facebook group.  Making and sending a card takes little time or expense, so I encourage as many members as possible to send a little love. 

“My son is turning 11 this year and out of every birthday invitation he has passed out he has only had one person come to his party in the last 6 years and the child stole from him. Nobody sends him cards and he is fascinated by them. He has Aspergers and his biggest problem is social interactions.I was hoping people could send him cards and possible put pictures of their favorite animal inside. His birthday is the 15th of September. He loves his cats, goats and his chickens. They bring more joy to him then people do. Please address cards to:

C/O Elisa Shiemke
PO. Box 313
Alpena, MI 49747″


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Several years ago, Frontier Girls and Quest members from around the country supported 3 year old member, Amelia, as she suffered from cancer.  Quest is proud to announce that Amelia is now entering the first grade and doing great.  In her honor we would like to encourage all Quest members to learn a bit more about childhood cancer and those it affects by earning the badge that was written for Amelia.