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Issue #2 – October 2014


Level 3 Life SkillsPrintable Certificates

Coming in October – Printable certificates.  We know that shipping costs prohibit families from ordering badges as quickly as they are earned and that badge orders are usually condensed to a a couple of orders per year.  To fill in the gaps, we will be uploading a variety of printable certificates that can be given upon completion of badges and awards while the children wait for the actual pins.  Follow us on Facebook at  to be notified of when they get up on the website.







Combat Boot Donations

Team Bragg & All American BRAT Brigade Kicked Off Their 2014-2015 Mission By Checking On The Garden They Planted At Fisher House, Started Counting Donated Combat Boots In Honor Of Our Fallen Service Members, and Cooking A Dinner Meal For Our Families.  if anyone would like to help us collect Combat Boots for our Remembrance Run in May 2015 please contact Melissa Wentling at .









Service Project Idea from Jeri Collins:Cards are needed to send to our military personnel in hospitals in Afghanistan. Everyone is invited to send their greetings…make it a town wide activity.
The guidelines for the holiday cards are:
Deadline: Oct 25 – this leaves me a few days to package up and mail out.
Make your own or store bought…no glitter – cards wit…h glitter CAN NOT be sent in the care package. No puffy paint. No envelopes
Although I do send the cards with religious and Christmas images, cards with winter scenes or a Happy Holidays message are really the better choice as we do not know the religion of the recipient.
If you want your card to end up in a holiday stocking, it must be approximately 4 x 5.5. Bigger cards will not fit and will be packaged up and the medical staffs will hand out.
Many cards are needed – thousands. Please ask your friends, family, etc. to sign some too.
Mail to:
Diane Schneider
119 Brentfield Loop
Morrisville, NC 27560




Bubble Badge

Bubbles is a great badge to work on in the fall while the weather is cool.   Make bubble solutions together (you can try a couple of different recipes and experiment to see what works best)  and talk about how bubbles are made and why they work.  Then test out some bubbles!
1.  Make bubble snakes:
2.  Make BIG bubbles (this was the most popular)
3.  Soap Bubble Prints (great for making wrapping paper for Christmas or note cards):
4.  Bubble Burst Paintings (beware, the dye stains):
5.  Experimental Bubbles:  bring all sorts of different household and kitchen stuff that might blow bubbles.  Our favorite was as wide spatula that one of the older girls figured out how to blow a bubble within a bubble on.  Cookie cutters were also fun as were pipe cleaners.
You can also hold bubble blowing contests to see who can make the biggest bubble, who can make the most with one breath, who can make the best wand to blow with, etc.
Have fun!



microsoft storeMicrosoft Store

If you live near a Microsoft store, they have some great resources for clubs and homeschoolers that are geared toward several of our badges.  If you have questions contact Rose Ellen May  at

Education Programs and Events at Microsoft retail stores
YouthSpark Field Trips
October 2014 – June 2015
Register at
Learn to Code
Students learn to code firsthand by designing and building apps and games their friends will love.
Technology Innovations and Digital Literacy
Students get an insider’s look at the latest technologies, and they will be asked to discover clues, create
presentations, and analyze data to solve a mystery hidden deep in space.
All YouthSpark Field Trips curricula are recommended for groups of third to eighth graders and are based on
STEM standards and ISTE principles.
YouthSpark Fall and Winter Camps
October 2014 – February 2015
Code and design video game or build an app – free camps give students to be creative with the latest
technologies. Recommended for ages 8+
Hour of Code Event
During Computer Science Education Week December 8 – 14, 2014
It’s not just an event, it’s a worldwide phenomenon where students and adults experience an Hour of Code.
This campaign awakens everyone to coding opportunities and proclaims that coding is cool.
Junior Achievement Job Shadow Field Trip
This workshop offers an opportunity for participants to learn about Microsoft as a business, a culture and a
career. Students meet Microsoft employees, and engage in activities focused on learning about some of the
various positions available at the Microsoft retail store that help create each person’s story. By the end of this
JA Job Shadow session, students will be able to:
• Talk about the history of Microsoft and some of its most popular products.
• Describe positions in Corporate and Corporate Operations, like Merchandising and Real Estate, and
how their work is exemplified in the store.
• Identify store/operations positions and priorities (Community Development Specialist, Sales Associate,
and Technical Advisor).
• Explain how store positions work intra-dependently to operate the retail store.
This workshop is intended for High School students participating in the JA Job Shadow program who want to
learn about jobs at Microsoft. This workshop may also be applicable to Middle School students who are
participating in the JA Job Shadow program. Length: 90 minutes with a 10 minute break.


life skills butterflyLife Skills Achievement Award

by Kerry Cordy


A friend of mine recently had to show a 22 year old college student how to boil water and it reminded me of the importance of having your kids earn the Life Skills Achievement Award.  If you have not yet looked into this award, I highly recommend it.  Each award requires the kids become proficient in 30 different life skills at each age level (as well as all skills from the lower levels).  These skills include things such as hygiene, physical skills, navigational skills, financial skills and more.   While 30 requirements may seem overwhelming, if you do just 1 requirement per week you will have the award completed in just over 6 months.  To view the requirements to the Life Skills Achievement Award, click on the Awards tab of our website go go there directly by clicking this link.