Issue #18 – March 2017


Program Update – Meting Plans

by Kerry Cordy

Each month we will be posting a new meeting plan to help give you ideas and make planning club meetings a little easier.  These plans are designed for multi-age clubs or families and can be adjusted to meet the needs of each group.  Keep in mind that these are ideas only and you can add or subtract from the plan based on the ages and ability of your kids, or the opportunities and interests they have.  The first meeting plan we are posting is for the Planets Badge courtesy of Katie Lundquist.

You can find the Planets Badge here.


Opening Activity
Have a table or two set with planetary coloring pages and books from the library on planets. This could be your opening activity while you wait for everyone to show up. (10 min) (Partial #13)

Circle Time
Introduce your topic and tell your club about the field trip (planetarium, space discovery center, air & space museum, astronomy night at the park are all great options!) (#10 when completed). Define the terms (Preschool and Level 1 requirement #1). Teach the mnemonic for the planet names. Sing it in a song if you know one. Define more terms (Level 1 requirement #2). (15 min)
Group Activity
Solar System Scale Model Walk(Extra optional requirement, also partial Level 4 requirement #2) (30 min)
Your snack can be related in some way. Maybe let them frost sugar cookies to look like their own imaginary planet. (Extra optional) If you do a snack that does NOT require time to prepare, you could also show a short documentary during snack to complete optional requirement #4) (15 min)
Closing activity
Timeline challenge. Divide into groups with each group having a set of timeline events (strips of paper with pictures). Be the first group to get your timeline in order. Read them out loud to the groups after you get them organized. (15 min)(Level 2 requirement #2, Level 3&4 requirement #1)

Opening Activity
Have a table or two set with comet/moon/asteroid coloring pages and books from the library on astronauts. This could be your opening activity while you wait for everyone to show up. (10 min)(Level 1 requirement #1, Level 3 requirement #2)


Circle Time
Review the mnemonic song you learned at Meeting 1. Talk about NASA (optional requirement #9) and careers (optional requirement #7) (15 minutes)


Small Group Activity
Break into groups and create posters or collages of what you’ve learned (30 minutes)(optional requirement #8)
Make a related snack if possible, or watch a movie if not done previously. (15 minutes)(optional requirement #4)
Closing Activity
Intro to next badge to whet their appetite. (15 minutes)
 Helpful Links

Glossary of Astronomy Terms

Planet Cookies

Learn About Each Planet

Community Service Ideas

hungerMake Your Mark on Hunger

Want to help alleviate hunger in your area? Sign up for generationOn’s Make Your Mark on Hunger campaign, which runs from March 15 – April 30! This campaign, sponsored by C&S Wholesale Grocers, challenges kids and teens to take action to address the issue of hunger in the U.S. through meaningful hands-on service in their communities. Participating is free and easy! Visit to sign up and get fact sheets, project guides and share your service story for a chance to win grants! 


shoesService and Fundraising Combine

Want to get your kids involved in community service and raise funds for you club at the same time?  Check out  Funds2Orgs helps you raise funds for your club by simply collecting gently worn, used and new shoes. You’re able to raise money in a fun, engaging, and new way. Your donors will appreciate not having to sell anything or open their wallets. And, you will not have to pay any out-of-pocket costs to get started. The shoes you collect are consolidated by Funds2Orgs and shipped to developing nations around the world. In turn, the shoes are sold by micro-entrepreneurs who seek a hand-up, not a hand-out, from poverty.  Over 600 million of shoes are thrown in landfills in the U.S. alone. This is harmful to the environment. And, as these shoes decompose, they release poisonous toxins into the air that are harmful to the life on our planet. Shoe drive fundraisers are a great way to help by re-purposing footwear.


Craft of the Month – Origami Rose

This is a perfect craft for spring submitted by Izzy from the Frontier Girls program!

Izzys-Corner-Origami-step-1-2-1024x786 Izzys-Corner-Origami-step-1a-2-1024x786 Izzys-Corner-Origami-step-3-4-1024x786 Izzys-Corner-Origami-step-5-6-1024x786 Izzys-Corner-Origami-step-7-8-1024x786 Izzys-Corner-Origami-step-9-10-1024x786































































































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