Issue #18 – August 2016

newsletter-header-e1430504323458Issue #18 – August 2016

kerry-face-284x300A Note From the Founder

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New Badges We’ve Added!

Click on the badge to be taken to the requirements.

natural food coloring coast guard horse racing roadtrip

tie dyeBadge of the Month – Tie Dye!

Our featured badge for this month is Tie Dye – a great summer activity whether you’re an individual or part of a club! We have included a meeting plan for this badge as well as some fun and helpful links to check out. It will be discounted in our store until August 31st, 2016 at only $0.75. Have fun, get creative, and we would love to see your tie dye creations posted to our Facebook Group!

Tie Dye Badge Meeting Plan

Everyone should bring a pre-washed white t-shirt. You will need lots of adult helpers. This is a great badge to couple with the Patience badge.

Opening Activity

“Tie Dye” coffee filter butterflies. (10 mins) (Preschool requirement #1)

Circle Time

Discuss Tie Dye history, methods, techniques, Bandhani, etc. Discuss preparing the work surface, cleanup, etc. (10 mins) (Level 3 requirement #2) (optional requirements 3, 4, 7, 14)

Snack/Patrol Time

Rotate through stations:

  • Make a “tie dye” snack (apple slices, rice krispie treats, etc)
  • Tie and dye shirts
  • Tie-dye bingo game (game cards have tie-dye patterns and info on them; use candy for “markers” if you are also doing the patience badge)
  • “Tie-dye” cards to give away (colored shaving cream and cardstock)

(15 mins each station) (Preschool – Level 3 #1 & #2) (optional requirements 3, 4, 7, 10, 14)

Closing Activity

Discuss Patience – waiting to Tie-Dye, waiting until next meeting for shirts, waiting to eat the candy “markers” on the bingo cards until the game was done, etc.

Helpful Links:

Tie Dye Coffee Filter Butterflies

Tie Dye Your Summer – Different Techniques

Rice Krispie Treats – Tie Dyed!




Meeting Plans!plan

We are starting to add meeting plans to our website and blog. You can find the link here. Our featured meeting plan this month can be found above with the Tie Dye Badge. Each month, we will feature a new meeting plan. Thanks to Katie Lundquist for submitting our current plans to us! If you have your own ideas or meeting plans you would like added to this page, please send them to kerry@frontiergirls.com. We hope to grow this page to include multiple planning ideas and suggestions. Whether you need an idea for an upcoming holiday, are curious about a subject you’ve never covered before, or are crunched for time and need a meeting plan already written out, check out this new resource we’ve added!




exploring cavesCheck Out YOUCave!

“Youth Opportunities Underground (YOUCave) is a nonprofit corporation that helps youth groups and youth organizations develop, plan and carry out a cave exploring related program. Most youth groups don’t think about cave exploration as an activity they can use in their programs. Of those groups that do, most of them realize how difficult caving is going to be and abandon the idea. The youth groups that do go caving either find someone that can take them or try to do it on their own. The later has the potential for disaster as the leaders may not be properly trained or equipped to lead their youth members underground. YOUCave has the resources youth groups and youth organizations need to have a safe and successful cave exploring adventure. We have experienced leaders that go caving on a regular basis with an established caving organization. We have vital safety equipment needed for a safe and ethical caving trip. And we know where all the good caves are.

If you’re not ready for a cave expedition we can still help. Our experiences leaders can give talks to your organization about caves and cave exploring. We can help you decide if this is right for your youth group program. We can also provide a classroom type program suitable for kindergarten through university level youth. Visit us at http://www.youcave.org/ and see what we do and learn how we can plug our resources into youth group and youth organization programs.”

Contact Allen Maddox for more information or if your interested in joining YOUCave! He can be reached at allenmaddox@youcave.org.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAre You Up for the Challenge?

One of our members, Heidi Cole, sent us some information on a great challenge available to help motivate kids and adults to get more active. The Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA+) challenges you to add healthy eating and physical activity to your daily life. Make the commitment to meet their requirements for 6 – 8 weeks and you will earn the award! Head over to their website to learn more and see if this is a challenge you want to take on. Have fun!

Presidential Active Lifestyle Award Website