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kerry-face-284x300A Note From the Founder – Summer Fun

Many Quest Clubs close for the summer due to scheduling difficulties, but that does not mean you can’t work on your own from home. Summer time is a great time to work on badges you have been dying to earn, but the rest of your club is not as keen on. Family vacations are also a great time to earn some extra badges on your own. If you plan to go out of town, look at the Travel Destination badge which can be earned for any location you plan to visit. Hot weather brings on opportunities of its own. Heading for the coast, how about Beach Fun? How about Water Games or Fun at the Pool? Look to the outdoors and explore badges such as Natural Wonders (specific) and earn a badge for streams, rivers, waterfalls, caverns, mountains, etc. What about hiking, camping, and outdoor cooking? The possibilities are endless, so don’t let the summer fly by without learning something new!






New Badges We’ve Added!

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Pointers for Patriots – Visit a Zoo!zoo-polar-bear_M1FPYUK_

If you or someone in your immediate family is active duty military, there are many zoos that offer free admission, especially with Independence Day coming up. Check your local zoo to see if they offer free admission for you and your family! Here is a list of some zoos that do offer free admission for the following dates:

  • Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden – July 4
  • Columbus Zoo and Aquarium – June 29 – 5
  • Naples Zoo – July 3 – 6
  • Houston Zoo – No date restrictions
  • San Diego Zoo – No date restrictions
  • Minnesota Zoo – July 1 – 7
  • Louisville Zoo – No date restrictions
  • Pittsburgh Zoo – No date restrictions



US HISTORYBadge of the Month – American History

In honor of our nation’s celebration of independence this month, our featured badge is American History. This is an especially great opportunity for all of our East Coast members to visit some of our country’s historic landmarks in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Virginia, etc. There is even information listed below about attending Patriot Camp! We have included a few links to help you earn this badge, and it will be discounted in our store all month at only $0.75. Good luck!



patriotprogramPatriot Program – Sign Up Now!

If you live in or near Hendersonville, North Carolina, then now is a great opportunity to sign up for the Patriot Program! The program will run from July 11 – 15, and sign up closes on July 4. It is for ages 8 – 12 and there is a $20 fee. Here is what the program is about: Patriot Camp is summer school for small patriots. It is designed to teach children the founding of our country in a fun camp setting. The children will meet many of our founders in costume, and learn why we signed the Declaration of Independence and fought in the Revolutionary War. They will explore how the US Constitution/Bill of Rights and the free market system brought the most freedom and highest standard of living to the greatest number of persons in history. There will also be fun games and crafts. For more information, please contact Melissa Wray at Or, feel free to contact Frontier Girls directly and we will forward the registration form to you.





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