newsletter headerIssue #16 – June 2016


kerry-face-284x300A Note From the Founder – New Badge Tracking Program Launching This Fall!

The Quest Clubs badge list has grown over the last 10 years to almost unmanageable proportions. Our commitment to write a badge for anything our members wish to learn about has created thousands of possibilities, but keeping track of requirements and badges completed has become a paperwork nightmare. I am proud to announce that we will be launching a free badge tracking system this fall as part of your membership. It is still in the beginning phases and there will be lots of additions and improvements to come, but it does works and we are excited to be launching in a few short months! Badge tracking, Servant’s Heart hours tracking and club membership rosters are already operational, with more additions to come. Award tracking is currently being programmed. I encourage you to please email us with any insights you might have for this new program.





New Badges We’ve Added!

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bryceMember of the Month | Bryce Blackstone, Level 1

Written by Lisa Garner

This has been Bryce’s first year, but he has earned his Discovery Award, his Liberty Award, his Fruit of the Spirit Award, Servant’s Heart Award,  AND has nearly completed his WOW! Award!

Bryce embodies the philosophy of Quest. He is curious, always wanting to understand and know more about the world around him and how things work. Bryce is very compassionate, particularly with his fellow Troop members with special needs. I can always count on him to lend a helping hand. He greets new challenges with a smile and a “can-do” attitude, whether it’s earning the Water Safety Badge, picking up litter, setting up camp in the woods, cooking on a Buddy Burner stove, or even crawling through the mud in a cave!
Congratulations Bryce!




smoresBadge of the Month: S’mores!

What better way to celebrate the start of summer than by earning one of our most popular badges? The S’mores badge is one of our favorites, so here are a few fun recipes to kick off summer and help you earn this delicious badge!

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