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Member of the Month | Jacob Lundquist, Colorado Springs, CO

Jacob Lundquist is a Level 3 member of the Frontiersmen Quest Club in Colorado Springs, CO. Frontiersmen is designed as a “back to basics” scouting program with a focus on learning outdoor skills, leadership, and God’s design for men. Jacob is the oldest of the registered boys and serves as Patrol Leader. He helps plan the monthly themes, teaches the younger boys basic scout skills, and helps them all learn to work together as a team. He is involved in his church youth group, plays soccer, and loves to serve. Several times a week, he volunteers at a therapeutic miniature horse farm and logged 100 service hours in 2015. He has also earned his Discovery Award and WOW! Award.

In the words of his scoutmaster, “I have always been impressed with Jacob’s leadership. How he is always working and showing the younger guys. Some is being an older brother, but most is his own leadership. As he gets older and gains more self confidence, his leadership improves. He is now entering the stage where he will be learning more life skills and what God has intended to be head of a family, church leader and leader in the community. Things I think he will succeed at. There is not much I think he cannot do if he puts his mind to it.”





vector-sun_Myq4hj8__LGoin’ Somewhere?

As school is getting out for the summer and the weather is starting to turn warmer and warmer, here are some fun outdoor activities to do with your club or family this month!




  • Organize a scavenger hunt! Scavenger hunts are exciting, fun and a great way to spend the day outside.

  • Build your own mini-golf course! Use supplies such as tubes, pipes, boxes, anything you can think of. Be creative!

  • Go to the beach and have a sand castle building contest. Use seashells, rocks, seaweed, etc. See who can come up with the most elaborate and creative design!

  • Build a fun and challenging obstacle course! See who can complete it in the fastest amount of time! You can earn your obstacle course badge at the same time.



bee keepingFeatured Badge of the Month

Beekeeping Badge

Honey bees are a critical link in U.S. agriculture. But lately there has been a huge problem facing the honey bees: Colony Collapse Disorder. This is a phenomenon that occurs when the majority of worker bees in a colony disappear and leave behind the queen and a few nurse bees to care for the remaining immature bees and the queen.

So how can you help?


Here a few links you can visit to not only help earn your Bee Keeping badge, but help with the epidemic facing honey bees today!