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Issue #10 – December 2015

kerry-face-284x300A Note from the Founder – Hellos and Goodbyes

by Kerry CordyHannah 1

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I say goodbye to my current office manager, Hannah.  Her family received a wonderful job opportunity and she moved with them to Washington in September.  For the last two years Hannah as kept Quest Clubs running smoothly.  Every order that went out, every badge that was made, you can thank Hannah for.  She did an amazing job.  With my own life taking turn into the chaotic while I take care of my mother who has moderate Alzheimer’s, Hannah has been my rock.  I cannot tell you how many times she held down the office by herself, sometimes for weeks at a time, when I could not be there.  She will be sorely missed.

The good news is that I have hired three new employees to replace her. (Yes, she did such a great job that I need three to do her job now!)

saraSay hello to Sara, my new office manager who will be taking over Hannah’s job.  She will be handling all the office work such as bookkeeping, website maintenance, badge editting, etc. as well as filling in with shipping orders and making badges when needed.  Sara will also be helping me with marketing, blogging, and social media.





emilyEmily is our new shipping manager.  She will be responsible for packing and shipping all orders as well as making all the badges and inventory control.  During the slow seasons she will help Sara with the office work and during the busy seasons Sara will help her with the orders.






emmiEmmie is our new creative director.  She will be putting together new meeting lesson plans as well as a variety of craft and game projects to be added to the resource section of our website.  If you have ideas you would like to share with other members and see posted, please email them to







New Badges

Sweet Treats, Local Motion, Gift Giving, Five SensesMy Little PonyDr. Seuss, Heraldry, Laura Ingalls Wilder (Biographies)

sweet treatsgift givinglocal motionfive senses






my little ponydr. seussheraldrylaura ingalls wilder









Simple-Grinch-Cake-for-Christmas-by-www.thebearfootbaker.com_Grinch Cake

by the Barefoot Baker

Submitted by Cari Morden via the Frontier Girls and Quest Clubs Facebook group

If you are looking for a fun way to combine requirements for badges this Christmas, try making a Grinch Cake as part of both the Baking Badge as well as the Dr. Suess badge.  Full instructions can be found at









parade of lightsParade of Lights

Ontario, Canada

Two of my Quest clubbers leading my ponies in the Prescott(Ontario) Parade of Lights. They were awesome (both ponies and club members!) and are the talk of our community! The ponies are Tanner on the left and Tsuki on the right. We also had our young filly Astra with us.  Ponies, parades and Quest club. What more can you ask for!





colorguardQuest Rangers

Quest Rangers Outpost 241 ( NC ) Rangers and Ranger Girls Troop 241 ( NC ) were honored to perform our monthly Color Guard duties for our sponsor American Legion Post 232 tonight… special guest speaker was NC Dept Commander Don Bridges, and he requested to take a few pictures with us, and he was very PROUD and impressed with our Rangers… he said he would “show and tell” these pics at the NC American Legion meeting in June to promote the Quest Rangers program… GREAT JOB, RANGERS! Always a pleasure to be in the company of heroes who have served in our military! ‪#‎RangersLeadTheWay‬! ‪#‎RangerUp‬!


colorguard2Quest Rangers Outpost 241 ( NC ) Rangers conducting Close Order Drill training at our weekly meeting Sunday 15 November 2015… newly appointed/promoted Lt Cmdr RangerElijah Bowling and Cmdr Joel McGee conducted the training shown here… Outstanding job, Rangers! ‪#‎RangersLeadTheWay‬! ‪#‎RangerUp‬!





Shared by Lisa Garner


In case anyone is working on the Government badge, these short videos may prove useful.

Types of governments:

Systems of government around the world:

Regarding the US government, we have

The Branches of government:

Checks and balances:

The Bill of Rights:

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