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Homeschoolers have a reputation for making anything and everything educational and fun, and that is exactly what we believe here at Quest.  Written and designed by homeschoolers, Quest knows exactly how to turn anything your child is interested in into a fun and educational badge.

The perfect outline for a unit study, our badges combine learning with activity, service, and even career exploration.  For each subject, your child will have an opportunity to discover:

  • Knowledge of the subject: this could include technical terms, jargon, or terminology.
  • History of the subject and how is the subject is used today.
  • Art projects – for higher levels they may also find works of art that have to do with the subject, or novels that mention it.
  • Craft application – if applicable, build or make something that relates to the subject.
  • Geography — Look at a map and find the places where the subject came from or is used. (For instance, for the knitting badge you could find the Faroe Islands where some splendid sweaters are made, or the Kashmir province in India where Cashmere wool comes from.)
  • Games to help learn the subject
  • Music: are there any songs or pieces of music that relate to the subject or that help to learn the subject?
  • Technology: how is it made? How is it used? How does technology change the way it is done?
  • Service Projects/Volunteer opportunities
  • Shadowing someone who works in the area
  • Internet: with a parent’s permission a child may research websites that apply to the badge subject.
  • Field trips to locations that make or use the subject.
  • Necessary skills needed to properly learn a subject

Whether you choose to use Quest in a club setting, as part of a homeschool co-op, or just within your own family, our badges and awards will enhance your homeschool experience and help your child develop a life long love of learning.

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