Holidays Badgeholidays

(Discover the World)
By Kerry Cordy

Otters:  Do four requirements including the one starred.
Dolphins: Do five requirements including the one starred.
Butterflies: Do six requirements including the one starred.
Eagles: Do seven requirements including the one starred.

_____ 1.*  Make a list of all of the U.S. federal holidays.  Why do you think these specific holidays were chosen
to be observed by the whole country while others were not?

_____ 2.  Make a list of your religion’s holidays.  Why is each one important?

_____ 3.  Nearly every day of the year is an official holiday for something (sometimes more than one).  For
example, for World Juggling Day jugglers all over the world get together and do performances and
demonstrations to get more people interested in their craft.   While some holidays are meant to raise
awareness, others are more light-hearted in tone.  Upsy Daisy Day is defined as a day to remind people to get
up gloriously, gleefully and gratefully every morning.   Find a list in a book, or online such as http://www. and celebrate a holiday you have never celebrated before.  You might choose World Smile
Day on Oct. 1, or Bubblegum Day on Feb. 4.

_____ 4.  Make a list of holidays from other countries that we do not have in the United States and celebrate

_____ 5.  Choose your favorite holiday and find out how it is celebrated in at least (1 Otter, 2 Dolphin, 3
Butterfly, 4 Eagle) other countries.  Supplement your own celebrations with traditions from these countries.  If
your favorite holiday is not celebrated in other countries, what similar holidays do they have?  Can you adapt
any of their traditions to suit your own holiday?

_____ 6.  Design your own holiday, along with suggested ways to celebrate it, and celebrate it with friends, or
even your whole community.  Submit your holiday to Chase’s Calendar of Events at http://www.mhprofessional.
com/templates/chases/.  If they decide to list it, let Frontier Girls know so that we can encourage others to
celebrate your holiday.

_____ 7.  Put together a set of recipes for your favorite holiday.  Make sure to include at least one of the
following:  appetizer, salad, soup, entrée, dessert, and a drink.  Give the recipes to someone as a gift.

_____ 8.  Learn songs concerning at least 3 different holidays.  For example, you could learn Silent Night for
Christmas, America the Beautiful for 4th of July, and Auld Lang Syne for New Years.

_____ 9.  Make table décor for at least 3 holidays.  These can be center pieces, napkin rings, placemats, table
runners, name cards, etc.  Otters should make one craft per holiday, Dolphins 2, Butterflies 3, and Eagles 4.

_____ 10.  Read a book about holidays around the world.

_____ 11.  Go to a local celebration of a holiday from another country such as a Chinese New Year festival, a
Cinco De Mayo festival, or a Saint Patrick’s Day parade.