Guinea Pig Badge

(Discover the Home)
By: Madison Brown
Level 2: Troop 160

You can use any higher level requirement for optional electives. 

Preschool: Do the 2 starred requirements below plus one optional requirement.

_____1.* Learn about and list three types of guinea pigs. Which one do you have or would you want as a pet?
_____2.* What should you feed a guinea pig? How many times a day should you feed it?

Level 1: Do the 2 starred requirements below plus two optional requirements.

_____1.* Do Preschool requirements 1 & 2.
_____2.* Learn how to properly care for a domestic guinea pig. How often should you clean their cage? When playing with them, how can you prevent them from escaping into the house or even outside? What/when should you feed them? If you have other animals, such as a cat or dog, how can you protect the guinea pig from getting hurt?

Level 2: Do the 2 starred requirements below plus three optional requirements.

_____1.* Do Level 1 requirements 1 & 2.
_____2.* If you were to go out and get a guinea pig (even if you already own one), write down everything you would need to get for it, such as a cage, feeder, etc. Create a budget and look up prices for each item to figure out how much it would cost to own and take care of a guinea pig.

Level 3: Do the 2 starred requirements below plus four optional requirements.

_____1.* Do Level 2 requirements 1 & 2.
_____2.* Learn the history and life-span of the guinea pig. Where were they first discovered? How do they reproduce? How long do they typically live?

Level 4: Do the 2 starred requirements below plus five optional requirements.

_____1.* Do Level 3 requirements 1 & 2.
_____2.* Learn about guinea pig anatomy and scientific classification.

Level 5: Do the 2 starred requirements below plus six optional requirements.

_____1.* Do Level 4 requirements 1 & 2.
_____2.* Teach someone how to do a skill from this badge or teach some knowledge about this badge to someone. You can teach kids, your spouse, seniors, anyone, just as long as you are sharing your new found knowledge. If for some reason you cannot teach what you have learned to someone else, you may choose an additional 2 optional requirements instead.

Optional Requirements

_____3. Read a book about how to care for a domestic guinea pig.
_____4. Draw a detailed picture of a guinea pig and label all parts.
_____5. Visit a pet store and browse the guinea pig section. How many different types of guinea pigs can you find? Talk to a worker about guinea pig care.
_____6. Most guinea pigs are known for being domestic, but learn about feral guinea pigs. What do they eat? Where can they be found? How would someone domesticate them?
_____7. Learn how to select the best guinea pig cage. Find three different types you think would be the best option and list pros and cons for each.  What factors influence your decision? Price, size, material?
_____8. Butterfly and up: Write an essay about guinea pigs.  Include pictures. When you finish, read your essay to a friend or family member.
_____9. Watch a documentary about guinea pigs. Take notes and discuss what you learn with a friend or family member.

_____10.  Learn about and list five different guinea pig accessories or toys.

_____11.  Learn what "popcorning" is in relation to a guine pig.