Club Forms

Financial Forms:

Financial Binder Instructions – for tracking finances within your club.

Bank Register

Deposit/Revenue Form

Record Keeping Forms:

Record Keeping Instructions  – Instructions for setting up and maintianing your record keeping binder.

Attendance Sheet – Keep track of which kids attend each meeting or activity.

Club Meeting Planning Sheet – used to plan out club meetings, can be printed on the reverse side of the Club Sign In sheet to verify who has completed requirements from that meeting.

Club Sign In Sheet – to verify which kids were at a particular meeting and completed the requirements done that day.

Member Roster – consolidate contact information for kids in your club.

Health/Emergency Contact Forms – for club use only!  Keep these forms on hand during club activities in case of illness or accident.  Do NOT send these to the Quest Clubs main office

Master Award Log – for tracking all badges and awards earned in your club, when they were ordered and when they were presented.

Level Record – to track each child’s badges and awards earned at a single level.

Badge Completion Form  – (to be given to the club leader upon completion of each badge earned at home)

Award Completion Form – (to be given to the club leader upon completion of each award earned at home.)

Service Hour Tally Sheet – to track community service hours for each child.

Servant’s Heart Completion Form -(to be given to the club leader upon completion of each Servant’s Heart.)


Misc. Forms:

These forms are SAMPLES only and have not been reviewed by a lawyer.  Please make sure to consult a lawyer in your state before relying on any documents as different states have different laws.

Club Policy Form – to be used to ensure all parents are aware of your Club’s policies and procedures.  This is just a sample, please customize it to fit your Club’s policies.

Club Liability Release – A signed copy shoud be on file for every participant.

Disciplinary Action Form – to be used to document disciplinary issues within the club and make sure that both child and parents are aware of the consequences if the behavior continues.

Blanket Permission Slip – have parents sign for permission for all events during the year

Individual Activity Permission Slip – have parents sign for permission to participate in a specific activity

High Risk Permission Slip –  to be used for activities with a higher risk of injury such as horseback riding, rock climbing, firearms, etc.