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(Discover the World)
By Kerry Cordy

(You may use any higher level requirement as optional requirements.)

Penguin:  Do three requirements including the two starred and one optional.

_____ 1 *  Try a food from at least 3 different countries.

_____ 2.*  Try a food that is eaten in several different countries, but may be prepared differently.  An
example may be to try several different sausages, cheeses, or chocolates.

Otter:  Do four requirements including the two starred and two optional.

_____ 1.*  Do Penguin requirements 1 & 2.  Try foods from 4 countries.

_____ 2. * Help to cook a recipe from another country.

Dolphin:  Do five requirements including the two starred and three optional.

_____ 1.*  Do Otter requirements 1 & 2.  Try foods from at least 5 different countries.  Help cook at least 2

_____ 2.*  Choose 5 countries and find out what foods are grown there.  Locate these countries on a map.

Butterfly:  Do six requirements including the two starred and four optional.

_____ 1.*  Do Dolphin requirements 1 & 2.  Try foods from at least 6 countries and cook 3 recipes.

_____ 2.*  Learn about popular spice combinations used in different countries.  Try foods that use at least
three of the spice combinations you learned about.

Eagle:  Do seven requirements including the two starred and five optional.

_____ 1.*  Do Butterfly requirements 1 & 2.

_____ 2.*  Learn about foods that are specific to various world holidays or religions.  Examples might include:

Hanukkah – Latkes
St. Patrick’s Day – Corned Beef
Oktoberfest – Bratwurst
Diwali – Gulab Jamun
Chinese New Year – Peking Duck

Optional Requirements:

_____ 3.  Learn about at least 3 countries that eat insects.  What type do they eat?  How are they usually

_____ 4.  Learn about some of the culture in the countries you have tried food from.

_____ 5.  Visit an ethnic restaurant and eat an entire meal (at least three courses).

_____ 6.  Tour an ethnic restaurant or interview to an ethnic chef.

_____ 7.  Take a field trip to an ethnic market.   How does it differ from the market you shop at?

_____ 8.  Learn about at least 5 different cooking methods used around the world.  Examples might include
BBQ, spit cooking, open fire cooking, boiling, pit cooking, bamboo steamers, banana leaf steaming, etc.

_____ 9.  Learn about at least 10 different cooking or eating tools and utensils used around the world.
Examples might include:

Formal Cutlery
Mortar and Pestle
Grinding Stone
Clay or Brick Stoves
Kabob sticks or skewers
Injera (African bread used as a plate and utensil)
Bamboo Mat

_____ 11.  Learn about careers that involve food from around the world.  Examples might include a chef,
food critic, produce wholesaler, farmer, freight forwarder, etc.

_____ 12.  Find out how foods are shipped to other countries.  How do they keep them fresh?  What forms
of transportation do they use?

_____ 13.  Look through cookbooks from at least 5 different countries.  How does the food differ?

_____ 14.  Make a list of 10 of the strangest foods you can find that people eat around the world.

_____ 15.  Watch a TV show or documentary about foods around the world.

_____ 16.  Participate in a community service project that has something to do with food around the world.
One idea is to sponsor a “Who’s Hungry?” night to teach your community about the lack of food around the

Invite a group of people to dinner.  When they arrive randomly divide them into groups.  1/5 will receive a
large dinner (spaghetti, roll, salad, milk), 3/5 will receive ½ cup of rice and a cup of broth, and the remaining
1/5 will receive a glass of water.

This is a general summation of the hungry people in the world and how many actually have enough to eat.
Get the statistics for your local community and combine your evening with a food drive for a local food bank.

_____ 17.  Find out what the average family spends on food each year in at least 5 different countries.  How
does America compare?

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Recipes from Around the World.

Food Around the World

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