Fidgets Badge

(Discover Science and Technology)

by Amanda Piccirillo - Owl Pioneer

"I wanted to write this badge because I have had ADHD and anxiety for years. When I was in school (mainly middle and secondary school) I used fidgets to help me maintain my concentration. With the introduction of Fidget Spinners and Cubes, fidgets have become a controversial topic in today's schools. I wanted to write the badge to educate others in the difference between fidgets as toys and as tools to aid in sensory or behavioral disorders." 

Penguins:  Do 3 requirements including the two starred.

Otters:  Do 4 requirements including the two starred.

Dolphins:  Do 5 requirements including the two starred.

Butterflies:  Do 6 requirements including the two starred.

Eagle:  Do 7 requirements including the two starred.

Owl:  Do 9 requirements including the two starred.

  1. *What is a fidget?  Why were they invented?  What medical conditions are they used for?
  2. *Identify and explore two types of fidgets. (Otters explore 3, Dolphins 4, Butterflies 5, Eagles 6 and Owls 7)

Optional requirements

  1. Make your own fidget – links are below!
  2. Earn a badge about a sensory processing disorder (such as Autism Awareness) or a Diseases badge about an attention deficit disorder or anxiety.
  3. Many doctors believe there is a connection between stress and fidgeting – Research other ways of relieving stress such as yoga and breathing exercises
  4. Do a community service project such as creating fidget blankets for alzheimer's patients, creating posters about eliminating distractions or showcasing the benefits of fidgets, or create a fidget box for a classroom or meeting space. Make sure to include plenty of different options for all types of fidgeting!
  5. Be a scientist! Using a fidget spinner investigate the length of time you can keep spinning. Find the average spin.
  6. Try to challenge yourself with a fidget spinner challenge! There are Fidget STEM Challenge Cards below in the links.
  7. Don't just make your own fidget, but become a designer. What elements should be present in a fidget What works best for you?
  8. Fidgets are an important tool for many people. Why do people use fidgets? Name some of the benefits of using fidgets
  9. Many schools and groups are banning fidgets. Explore and Explain why fidgets can be called a distraction.
  10. Create a contract or rules for when to use fidgets in your classroom or home.
  11. Choose one type of fidget and learn how it was created, who invented it and the research behind it.



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Different types of Fidgets:

Fidget Spinners

Silicone Bracelets


Tangles/Tangle Jrs

Fidget Cube



Stress Balls

Bubble wrap


Pop tubes

Bean Bags/Hacky Sacks

Push toys

Rubber ducks


Silly Putty

Filled Balloons

Lava Lamps



Stretchy lizards/Realistic animals

Koosh Balls

Pipe Cleaners

Wikki Stixs

Smooth stones/Worry Stones

Silicone toy

Silicone balls