Frequently Asked Questions


1.  When I join Quest Clubs, am I part of a national organization?

No.  Frontier Girls LLC sells memberships to their Quest Club website for the purpose of providing youth education materials.  Each Quest Club is independently owned and operated by individuals or organizations that have purchased a membership to the Quest Clubs website. Each club is an autonomous body operated and governed by a single individual, local non- profit organization, church, school, or business.  These groups have purchased a license to use the Quest Clubs name, logo, and materials as part of their youth programming.  Quest Clubs is a product sold by Frontier Girls LLC, a privately owned business that sells youth program materials.  We are NOT a 501(c)3 public charity.

2.  Why are there so many different types of membership?

The Quest Club curriculum is used in a wide variety of programs such as scout like clubs, after school programs, homeschool and in classroom curriculum, senior center clubs, and more.  Our goal is to make it as cost effective as possible for each group based on the average amount of time and resources we spend communicating and working with each type of member.  Membership license types are as follows:

  • Club Membership – Club Memberships grant a license to use the Quest Clubs content to run a multiple member club.  This club can be run as a scouting style club, an afterschool program, an education co-op, a Sunday school program, a senior program, or a special needs program. Only the club leader and volunteers will have access to the website materials.   All individual club participants will need to purchase an individual or family membership if they wish to have access to the website content to work on badges and programming outside of regular club meetings.  User names and passwords may not be shared.
  • Homeschool/Family Membership – Homeschool/Family Memberships grants all members of a single household access to badge requirements and program resources for use in homeschool, enrichement, and club participation.

3.  Are there printed handbooks and materials?

No.  All Quest Clubs materials are online only.  We add new badges and resources frequently and you will always have access to the most up to date materials we can provide as long as your membership remains current.

4.  How can I start a Quest Club?

Starting a Quest Club is quite easy.  Most clubs are owned and operated by local non-profit organizations such as churches, schools, or veterans organizations, but individuals may own and operate a club as well.  You may purchase a club membership that includes everything you need to start and run your club.   All instructions for getting your club up and running are included in your Leader Handbook.  Presentation ideas for finding a charter organization are also included with your club membership.

5.  If I purchase a club membership as an individual, can I transfer it to an organization when I find one to charter our club?

Yes, you may transfer your club membership to any other person or entity of your choice as long as you put it in writing and we receive a membership agreement form signed by the new owner.

6.  Can Quest Clubs materials be used to supplement other programs such  as Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts?

Yes.  Quest Clubs is a very flexible program and is designed to work with any program you may already have in place.  Just keep in mind that while you can use Quest to supplement current scouting programs, adding a wide variety of badges and awards to your program, other organizations will not allow you to wear Quest badges and awards on their uniforms. Quest badges and awards may be displayed on a Quest uniform that you design, or on tote bags, backpacks, jackets, shadow boxes, etc.

7.  Can different ages meet together?

The Quest Clubs program was written specifically with multiple age groups in mind. With today’s busy schedules it is difficult to get children to the many activities they wish to pursue.  For this reason, children in preschool through adults can all be part of the Quest Club if you wish.  This allows families with more than one child to all be part of the same club so as not to add even more stress to the family schedule.  This also allows older children to act in leadership roles to teach and mentor the younger members, while providing the younger kids with role models closer to their own age.  Within the club, kids are divided into different program levels based on their age.

8.  What if I don’t have the skills necessary to teach a specific badge?

No parent or leader can be an expert on everything their children will want to learn about.  You are welcome to take a class and learn the skill yourself first, but don’t be afraid to seek help from your community as well.  Let the members of your community share the joy of teaching your children something by offering their own expertise.  Just as the kids should be trying to make their community a better place through service, give your community a chance to make the kids better people as well.

9.  Where can I find resources?

With the invention of the Internet, a variety of resources are now literally at your fingertips.  Quest Clubs has links to a variety of websites in their Members area that will help you find the information necessary to work on a variety of badges.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, just ask!  We are always willing to help locate resources on the net that will benefit our members.  Don’t forget to also make use of your local library.  Good old fashioned books are still a great way to learn new skills and information.  You can also take advantage of local people and businesses with talents, knowledge, and skills in the area you are looking to teach.

10.  Does each member of a Quest Club have to purchase an individual/family membership?

That depends on the club that you join.  Some Quest Clubs, usually those run like a scouting program, do require their members to purchase individual memberships so that you have access to the program outside of troop meetings.   Some, usually those run as after school programs or in assisted living senior centers, do not require their members to purchase a membership with Quest as they will not need the information outside of the club meeting.  If you join a local Quest Club and do not purchase a membership to the Quest Clubs website, you will not be allowed to use the Members Only section of our website where all the badge and award requirements are located.  Your child will only be allowed to use the program while in the club setting. You may NOT use your club leader’s user name and password, or any other member’s information to access our site.  If you do, that member will forfeit their membership and their user name and password will be discontinued.

11.  Do we have to wear uniforms?

No.  Quest Clubs do not have official uniforms, but if your club would like to design a uniform, we offer vests in up to 20 different colors from youth small all the way up to adult 5X.  We also have suggestions as to how to arrange badges and awards on your vests, but they are just suggestions.  You may design any type of uniform you wish, or none at all.

12.  What about copyrights and trademarks?

The use of the Quest Clubs name, logo, and materials is restricted.  Upon purchasing a Quest membership license agreement:

You may:

  • Use and adapt the program to the particular needs of your family, or group, as long as you follow our general code of conduct when representing the Quest Club name.
  • Alter the requirements for earning  badges to fit special needs particular to your family or group.
  • Use alternate requirements for earning badges that you feel represent the objectives of the badge.
  • If you purchased a Club Membership, you may reproduce forms for club use.
  • If you purchased a Club Membership, you may reproduce badge and award requirements for your club members in printed form only and only for badges and awards you are working on as a club.  Family Memberships may only reproduce materials for family use.  You may not give others access to our website or reproduce our materials by any means for any other use.
  • Use our name and logo for newsletters, stationery, etc., to be circulated or used within your particular club only (as in newsletters, banquet decorations, etc.).

You may not:

  • Share your user name and password with anyone. The responsibility to safeguard your user name and password is yours.  If others are discovered using your user name, your membership will be forfeited and your user name removed.
  • Use the Quest Club name or logo for any program other than a registered Quest Club or individual.  
  • The Quest Clubs name and logo is to be used only for a club or individual that has a current Quest membership and is using the Quest Clubs
    program.   If you purchased pins or product only and have not purchased a website membership, you may not use the Quest Clubs name or logo and will  need to call your group something else.
  • Reproduce or modify logos, emblems, badges, or other program specific items for distribution or resale.
  • Reproduce handbooks, badge requirements, or other materials by any written, mechanical, or electronic means without specific, written permission from
    Quest Clubs.

13.  How can we display badges and awards if we do not have a uniform?

Badges and awards can be displayed on tote bags, backpacks, jackets, bulletin boards, shadow boxes, or any other method you choose.

14.  Can we write and design our own badges?

Yes.  We only ask that you give us permission to share your badge requirements with other members of Quest Clubs as well as our sister program, Frontier Girls. You may also design your own badges by sending us .jpg format graphics.  Just keep in mind that our badges are only 1″ in diameter and details get lost easily when graphics are shrunk down that small.