A Note From the Founder: Badge Hound Contest

by Kerry Cordy


 Win a Free Family Membership

For those unfamiliar with the term, a “Badge Hound” is the nickname we give to members who can sniff out a badge for just about any activity they do.  We call it “thinking in badges.”  Those who are passionate about badge earning incorporate badges into every activity they pursue.  From the Hygiene badge in the morning as they shower and brush their teeth, to the Book specific badge while they read Wizard of OZ, to the Sandwich badge while they make lunch and the Chalk badge while drawing on their driveway, they will find a badge to suit every occasion.

Noelle, our in-house artist and shipping manager, drew us a Badge Hound mascot, but he needs a name.  We will be giving away a free one year membership to the person who comes up with the best name for our hound.  Here are the rules:

  1.  Email kerry@questclubs.com with your choice of name for our badge hound by December 25, 2020.  No purchase necessary to enter
  2. Kerry Cordy will choose her favorite name which will be announced in the January 2020 newsletter.
  3. If more than one person submits the same name, the winner will be chosen from those entrants via a random drawing.
  4.  The winner will be announced in the January 2020 newsletter and will be notified by email.

New Badges Posted

Badge Hound, Coloring






Annual Badge Sale

Every year for the month of January we put our badges on sale.  All pin badges will be $.99 each and magnets will be $1.25 each from January 1-31, 2020.  Now is the time to stock up, just keep in mind we do not accept returns on badges since they are made to order so only order badges you know you will complete.



Pendant/Keychain 25% off

Sale Ends Dec. 31, 2020

Christmas is right around the corner and what better gift than something personalized.  These magnetic pendants can be used as a necklace or a keyring.  Choose 1″or 1.25″ and order as many specialty magnets as you wish to swap out in the middle.  You can not only put your favorite badge in the middle, but can request your favorite quote or send us your own artwork or photo to turn into magnets as well.  Just keep in mind that images have to shrink to 1″ so keep them clear and bright.  If you want us to use your personal images, just order magnets with the badge name “see email” and then email us the images you want us to use.

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Grab Bags!

Since we offer thousands of possible badges, we do not keep any badges actually in stock.  Instead, we make them as needed.  Sometimes we accidently make badges in the wrong quantities or with the wrong colored ring and we end up with extra badges.   Rather than let these badges go to waste we have put together grab bags with 20 random badges in them.  Each bag has badges for a single age level and all 20 inn each bag are different badges, no duplicates.  These grab bags are for sale for $5.99 each (retail value $22.00) and are of very limited quantity.  When they are gone, they’re gone.

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Member of the Month:  Alastair Duke

by Ann Reynolds, Texas Certified Master Gardener


If you have been to the Allen Memorial Library in Hawkins, Texas lately maybe you have noticed some round circles of wood with words inscribed on them in our flower beds. Those are actually plant identification markers that are the handiwork of Alasdair Duke. Making the plant identification signs for the garden was a way to incorporate Alasdair’s love of the outdoors with service to his community. He also volunteers at the Wood County Arboretum and is planning to make signs for the trees on their Walking Trail.

The flower bed is maintained by the Wood County Master Gardeners and is called a specimen garden. It shows homeowners some of the native and non-native plants that they can grow at home. The bed is organically grown and is supplemented with a little water during droughts. The Master Gardeners that are maintaining the garden hope to soon have a brochure with more plant information and seeds from the plants for patrons of the library.

Alasdair Duke has lived the Hawkins area all of his life. He has been earning badges through a Quest Club called Frontier Boys since he was 7 years old, working up through the various levels. He is now 16 years old, working toward achieving his Gem Award, the highest Award at any level, at Level 4. There are seven parts to the Gem Award, one of which is the Make A Difference Award, where a student plans, develops and executes a Community Service Project where he leads a group of at least 3 other people. This teaches both service and leadership. In Alasdair’s case it also required learning a new skill (pyrography) which he has found he really enjoys. Alasdair is also learning how to reach out to people and network to find resources, manpower and advice. The motto of Frontier Boys is “if you see a need, take the lead” and Alasdair certainly filled the Master Gardeners need at the library.


Pajama Drive

by the Jimenez family

The Jimenez family have organized a pajama drive for One Safe Place in Redding, CA, a rescue house for those who are experiencing domestic violence.  With the COVID outbreak and subsequent shutdowns, domestic violent around the country is on the rise. For people experiencing domestic violence, they frequently leave with nothing but what is on their back and fresh pajamas to sleep in bring comfort. Please consider donating if you can.  If you are local, you can drop off new PJs or fabric donations our headquarters or attend a PJ party at Redding Fashion Alliance to help cut patterns and create sewing kits or help sew PJs.  Anyone may make a monetary donation directly to One safe Place for more pajamas at: https://ospshasta.org/donate-to-pajamadrive/

For those not local to the Redding Community think about starting a PJ drive of your own for your local rescue home.





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