Issue #37 – December 2019


A Note From the Founder – I Think in Badges

by Kerry Cordy

There is an expression in Quest, “I think in badges.”  For those who have been using the program for awhile, you may be familiar with this phrase, if not, you should learn it.  What does it mean to think in badges?  It is quite simple.  Anything and everything is educational and therefore can be turned into a badge. The more badges you earn, the more you understand what knowledge and skills are expected if you wish to earn a badge in a certain subject.  After awhile everything you do sparks the thought, “How can I earn a badge for that?”

My favorite story is of my youngest daughter when she was nine.  She sent me an email, yes an actual email, telling me she thought we should offer a Cartoons badge.  My first thought was that she simply wanted to watch cartoons all day, but then I read the email and realized that even at the age of nine, she had learned to think in badges.

In her email she outlined a variety of tasks she felt would be good requirements if someone were to earn a badge on cartoons such as learning what a voice over is and who does the voices for at least three of your favorite cartoon characters.  Make your own flip book cartoon.  Learn about the role Walt Disney cartoons played in World War II trainings (we had just studied that in school).  She knew that I would never allow her to earn a badge for just watching cartoons and she understood even at that early age what type of things should go into a badge.

While visiting a Quest family in Colorado I brought a box of pipe cleaners and taught the kids pipe cleaner crafts.  The parents had never worked with pipe cleaners before and were fascinated.  When I was done doing crafts with the kids and returned to chatting with the parents, I discovered that they had been hard at work on their computer researching pipe cleaners and had written and entire pipe cleaner badge while I played with their kids.  They had learned to think in badges.

If you have never tried writing your own badge before, you can start by using the Badge Writing badge as a guide.  The more badges you earn and the more you write, the more you will “think in badges.”  While sharing badges you write to post on our website for others to earn is not required, it is always appreciated.  Quest is very much a grassroots group and the more we share, the more fun and educational it is for everyone involved.

I encourage you all to “think in badges!”


Facebook Group Restructured

For the last 10 years we have had a single forum for both Frontier Girls and Quest. Due to our current growing pains and the wide range of ways that Quest is used, I have decided it is time to split the group and have a separate forum for Quest. The current forum will be renamed Frontier Girls Forum and the new one Quest Clubs Forum. If you are a Quest member and part of the original Facebook group, you are welcome to stay as there are still a lot of great ideas here, but all questions regarding Quest Clubs should be addressed on the new forum from this point forward. Hopefully by splitting the two groups we can serve each more effectively. Thank you for all your patience as we go through a few growing pains this year.


Serving Our Community

Frontiersmen #159 – Helping to pack 1250 boxes for the Crossfire Thanksgiving distribution

New Badges Posted

NERF Guns, Hot Chocolate







Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Quest Member

Looking for a special gift for your favorite Quest member or a gift of appreciation for your leader?  Check out the latest gift items we have just added to the store.

Interchangeable Magnetic Pendants:

These interchangeable magnetic pendants let you change out the design with your mood by simply changing the center button in your pendant with the help of our super strong ceramic magnet.  You can change your look to match your mood in under a minute!  Simply order your favorite badges or designs as a magnet instead of a pin and you are ready to go!  1″ pendant fits old style badges, 1.25″ fits the new style badges with the level ring around the edge.

  • 1″ – $7.99 (old style badge size)
  • 1.25″ – $9.99 (new style badge size)
  • high-quality, nickel-free silver tone
  • Wear as a pendant or use as a keyring.
  • Includes a Quest logo magnet for the center and a keyring.  Custom magnets can be ordered through the store as any badge or design you wish.

Community Trash Cleanup = Easy Service Project

by Elizabeth Simmons

Troop 122 in the Dallas, Texas area participated in our local Tri-City Lakeshore Cleanup over the weekend. The event was sponsored by 3 communities in our area, two of which are home to some of our troop members. We showed up on Saturday morning, checked in, went to our assigned location, worked, and celebrated after we finished. Here is what made it an EASY service project.

  • The three cities organized the event, timing and location
  • We signed up on their website – so we needed no extra permission slips
  • Kids had to come with an adult, so we didn’t have to look for chaperones
  • The cities provided all supplies – including trash bags, grabbers, gloves, safety vests, etc. And they picked up the full bags when we were finished.
  • Because it was a community event, we got to meet some other groups, participate in a picnic and have fun.
  • Aside from asking if we had a few families interested, there was no real work to be done. Just sign up and work!

We have done several trash cleanups as a troop. Here are a few supplies and suggestions:

  • Extra trash bags (we did need a few more than the city gave us this weekend due to weight of trash)
  • Sunscreen and bug spray (which the city actually had at check-in)
  • Rain boots or old shoes (You never know what you will be stepping in)
  • Clean shoes to wear home
  • A few old towels
  • Wet wipes and hand sanitizer
  • First aid kit
  • Camera
  • Grabbers or tongs (designated for this, not from the kitchen), work gloves and rubber/nitrile gloves to protect
  • Think about the age of your kids and your location. We were at a park with a lot of lakeshore. We had enough adults but I was glad we didn’t have mobile toddlers with us this time. Busy roads have been a concern in events past.

Our whole troop couldn’t go because Saturdays are busy. But we managed 21 people including parents and a few siblings. We worked for 3 hours, ate, and went home to shower feeling like we had done some real good that day

Use the Search Bar

As Quest continues to grow, our badge list is getting longer and longer making finding a specific badge more difficult.  Many members rely on the Alphabetical Badge list, but it is so long now that sometimes it is difficult to find what you are looking for, especially if it is not named exactly what you are looking for.  Instead, make use of the search bar at the top of the website.  Many times this will bring you to exactly the badge you are looking for even if the name is not what you would expect.  For example if you wish to earn a badge on waterfalls, you won’t find a Waterfall badge listed on the badge list.  If you type Waterfalls into the search bar however you will see the Natural Wonders (specific) badge which can be customized to any Natural Wonder such as geysers, caverns, and icebergs, not just waterfalls.

Pumpkin Fun!

Frontiersmen #531 got to smash their pumpkins to get the seeds out for their pumpkin badges!


If you are using Quest as an individual or family… how do you raise money?

Letting your kids be entrepreneurs and earn money for their badges is always good. Depending on what state/county/city you live in the laws vary so check to see if you need a permit for fundraisers such as a lemonade stand an know your local child labor laws.  According to the IRS dependent minors do not have to file taxes if:

  • Your unearned income was under $1,050.
  • Your earned income was under $12,000

If there is a group of you, events like a yard sale or car wash are good.  Collecting recycling can also bring in some money. Individuals can babysit, mow lawns, or take out trash for the neighbors.  You can also make crafts to sell at local craft fairs.