Crochet Badge
 (Discover the Home)
by Doreen Olson
(You may use any higher level requirement as an optional requirement with adult approval.)
Preschool:  Do three requirements including the one starred and two optional.
_____ 1.*  Be able to recognize when something has been crocheted, such as a blanket or scarf.  Know what
equipment is needed to crochet: crochet hooks, yarn, scissors,& a bag to keep your projects in.
_____ 2.* Discuss safety and cleanliness. Why should you wash your hands before crocheting? How should you
handle crochet hooks? How much light do you need when you crochet? Is the re a type of crochet hook that’s
safer than others? How should you handle scissors?
Level 1:  Do four requirements including the two starred and two optional.
_____ 1.* Do Preschool requirements 1 and 2. Understand the difference in the size of crochet hooks and how
this affects your project.  Look at and feel at least 3 different types of yarn and discuss the benefits of each.
_____ 2.*  Crochet a dishcloth, a potholder, or a scarf for a doll or stuffed animal. You may have someone help
you start and finish your project.

Level 2:  Do five requirements including the two starred and three optional.
_____ 1.* Do Level 1 requirements 1 & 2.  You should be able to start and finish your project yourself.
_____ 2.* Learn crochet terminology: chain, single crochet, double crochet, slipknot, fasten off.

Level 3:  Do six requirements including the two starred and four optional.
_____ 1.* Do Level 2 requirements 1 & 2.  If you are beginner at crocheting, make a dishcloth, potholder, or
scarf. If you are not a beginner, crochet something you’ve never made before.
_____ 2.* Learn to read crochet patterns.

Level 4:  Do seven requirements including the two starred and five optional.
_____ 1.* Do Level 3 requirements 1 & 2
_____ 2.*  Learn how to increase and decrease stitches OR learn to crochet in a circle.

Optional Requirements:
_____3. Teach someone else how to crochet.
_____4. Look through someone’s yarn collection or go to a store that sells yarn to feel at least four different
types of fiber (bamboo, wool, acrylic, mohair, cotton) and three styles of yarns plain, fuzzy, variegated colors, etc . _____5. Make a collage poster or small booklet picturing at least 10 different crocheted items (12 for Level 2, 15
for Level 3, and 20 for Level 4).
_____6. Visit a fair or craft day display that displays at least ten different crocheted items.
_____7. Find a new or used garment in a store/sale that has some part crocheted. Buy it and either wear it or
give it away.
_____8. Learn how to care for crocheted items. Learn what the little laundry symbols mean on yarn labels. Why
does the temperature of washing water matter? What is blocking? How can you repair a crocheted item that has
a hole?
_____9. Compare at least three beginning crochet books and DVDs. Which were easiest to understand? How
could the illustrations or instructions be better?
_____10. Make at least three crocheted items to donate to a shelter or other non-profit.
_____11. Trace the history of crocheting. Research to find a museum containing a crochet collection that you’d
like to visit.
_____12. Come up with three ideas of ways to use leftover yarn. Make a project with yarn leftovers.
_____13. Learn how to take a crochet pattern and make the item for a larger person.