About Our Clubs

Quest Clubs are a great alternative to traditional scouting programs.  They offer the structure and friendship of a scouting style program, but have unlimited badges, a wide variety of higher awards, and the flexibility to design the club to fit the needs of your group.

With a Quest Club, you can:

  • Have an all-boys, all girls, or co-ed club. How you structure your club is up to you. All kids are welcome.
  • Include all ages or just a single age group. The Quest program is designed so that all ages can participate in a single club, but you can choose to limit your club to a specific age group if you wish.
  • Name your club whatever you want. Use the Quest name, or choose a name that is all your own.
  • Design your own uniform. While we offer suggestions as to how to structure a club uniform, you are free to design your own, or have none at all. Vests can be ordered in up to 20 different colors through our shop.
  • Write your own badge requirements. If you want to earn a badge on a subject we do not yet have requirements for, you are welcome to write your own, or send us an email and we will add it to our wish list. If you are working on one of our current badges and wish to substitute your own requirements for ours, you are more than welcome. We just ask that you share your ideas with us so that we can add them to the badge for others to use.
  • Design your own pins. Need a specific pin for your club that we do not yet offer? Just send us your artwork and we can create button style pins for the same price as our regular badges with no minimum order.
  • Stay in touch with other clubs. Using our Quest Clubs Forum Facebook group, you can stay in touch with other clubs around the world.  This is also a great place to share ideas and ask questions.
  • Receive ongoing support and ideas. Our office is always available via either email or phone to offer suggestions and support and can usually respond within 24 hours.

Quest Clubs Club Membership for Leaders Includes:

  • License to run one organized Quest Club
  • Access to leader level materials for all volunteers within the club
  • Leader Handbook
  • All necessary forms for running an effective club
  • Presentation ideas for finding a charter organization for your club.
  • Free printable certificates
  • Access to our member forum to communicate with other Quest Leaders and parents
  • Newsletter with new badge requirements emailed monthly
  • Free access to the Curiosity Untamed website

Quest Clubs Individual/Family Membership Includes:

  • Requirements for all currently written badges
  • Newsletter with new badge requirements emailed monthly
  • Access to our member forum to communicate with other Quest members
  • Parent Handbook
  • License to use the Quest name and program as a participant in an organized Quest Club.
  • Family membership also includes free access to the Curiosity Untamed website (individual membership does not)

If you are not participating in an organized Quest Club and wish to use badges solely for homeschool purposes, please visit our main site, Curiosity Untamed to purchase a homeschool membership.

Quest Clubs are designed to be scouting style clubs.  Each club participant will need their own individual or family membership in order to participate and have access to badge requirements, award requirements, handbooks, etc.  If you plan to use Quest badges for teaching a class where the kids do not need access to the requirements and materials, please visit our main site, Curiosity Untamed to purchase Group Membership.

Ready to start a Club?

If you are ready to start your own Quest club, please read through our FAQ page and our Start a Club page before continuing.  If you have any questions, just email kerry@questclubs.com