August 2020




A Note From the Founder…Name Change

Kerry Cordy

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up as receipts and such for payments will soon come under the name, Curiosity Untamed LLC.  While our Frontier Girls program was the founding program back in 2007 that started everything, it has grown and expanded past the simple scouting style program for girls I originally designed.  Quest Clubs spun off in 2010 as a co-ed, more flexible way to create scouting style clubs for kids.  Over the years, people have started using the Quest Club program in a wide variety of ways I never anticipated however.  Not only is it now commonly used to support or create homeschool curriculum, but public schools use it for both afterschool programs and in class incentives.  Churches use our character badges as part of their Sunday School curriculum and even senior citizen centers have started using it to keep seniors active and engaged.  As a result, “Clubs” are no longer our main focus and I am re-branding to reflect that.

Curiosity Untamed LLC is now our umbrella company and both Frontier Girls and Quest Clubs are brands owned within it.  The majority of the Quest Clubs website and program will remain the same other than the name within the terms and conditions and possibly your payment receipts.  Membership pricing will be changing to simplify things and many memberships will be moved to the Curiosity Untamed website in the future.  I will not raise prices on any current members.  You will be grandfathered into any price increases as long as your auto-renew stays current and payments are not missed.  If we decrease the price of the membership you currently have, we will prorate and refund back the unused portion so that you can purchase at the lower price.  Just keep an eye open for next month’s newsletter when all pricing changes will be announced.

Brand specific resources such as handbooks, forms, etc. will remain on the Quest website in the Members Only section.   General resources such as badge requirement ideas, ceremonies, songs, crafts, etc. will all be on the Curiosity Untamed website so that they can be used by all three programs.  Please be patient while we update all the websites.   If you need anything always feel free to email or call me.  As soon as the Curiosity Untamed website is complete and ready to go, I will notify everyone so that you can start using it to support the Quest Clubs program.  Thank you for your patience!



Summer is a great time to earn service hours!

Assisted living centers for senior citizens and hospitals across the country have had to go on lock down for the safety of their residents and patients, which is better for their physical health, but has left a lot of people feeling more alone in a stressful time. If your child is restless and looking for some way to do good when it feels like all we can do is sit at home, here are some of the organizations that would love a little support and encouragement — from a distance! You can send your cards to these homes across the country or drop cards off to your local assisted living care facilities.


  • Vibrant Living Director, at 1 Symmes Road, Arlington, Massachusetts, 02474
  • The Jewish Pavilion, 421 Montgomery Road, Suite 131 Altamonte Springs, Florida, 32714
  • Country Meadows of Bethlehem, Attention: Lynn Somers, 4011 Green Pond Road, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 18020
  • Home Again Assisted Living Facility 308 England Street, Cambridge, Wisconsin, 53523 or
  • Home Again Assisted Living Facility 1120 Connery Cove, Waunakee, Wisconsin, 53597


Jessica Williams and her family are one of the many families in our program. This month they worked on their service project, making cards and warm fuzzies to mail to nursing homes in their area. Way to go Williams family! We just love these cute warm fuzzies and your beautiful cards. What a great way to make someone smile and feel loved during this time!


New Badge Posted

Legend (Specific)


Keeping Your Sense of Humor

With all the shutdowns and scary things in the news, it is important to keep your sense of humor and find ways to make the best of the situation.  There are lots of fun activities you can do from home that are still educational, and this case, tasty!

Tiffany Stone and her daughter got creative while learning about COVID.  She posted on our forum, “My daughter earned her Coronavirus and shelter in place badges at the end of March, but life started happening, so we never got around to making our Coronavirus cake. Then it was too hot and the pool took precedence. It was finally cool enough to use the oven, so here is our cake!”  We love their

How are YOU making the best of the current situation?  How are you finding ways to still have fun while learning?

Zoom Meetings for All 18+ Members

Amanda Kavanagh one of our adult members has been hosting Zoom meetings for our 18 and over members to get to know one and other and work on badges together.  The next meeting will be on August 12th at 3 PM PST/4 PM MST/5 PM CST/6 PM EST.  If you are interested in joining in, you can contact Amanda through the Quest Clubs forum or email with permission to share your contact information and she will forward to Amanda so she can contact you.


Last month the group earned the Canadian Culture Badge in honor of Canada Day.  They learned about Canadian food like butter tarts, about Canadian entertainment, did Canadian crafts, learned a Canadian song and more.  Join them and make some long distance friends!


 Troop 193 found a way to meet again! 

Do you have a Quest Club that has been unable to meet due to Covid-19 restrictions?  

Do you have access to a local park and a group of picnic tables that you can use?

Here is an idea that you may use during the nice weather months ahead. By dividing the kids up they can enough room to social distance during a club meetings.

One of our Pennsylvania clubs allowed family groups to sit together and individual kids can sat one per picnic table. They made sure that any leader walking around to help wore their mask. They also had individual work boxes for each child with pencils, crayons, scissors, and other supplies so they would not have to share. The kids can wear masks when they can’t distance and but have ample hand sanitizer available and remind kids to social distance and things should be okay. Hopefully we can get back to normal, but until that day is here we can be creative!

Please share any ideas you have for social distancing during club meetings.

We would love to pass on them on to other groups and clubs. We would need pictures of your clubs and the badges you are working on for future newsletters. Share them on our Facebook Quest Forum page or send them to us in an email. Thank you in advance!





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