Afterschool Program

Quest Clubs can be added to afterschool programs in public, private, and charter schools with ease. The program is easily adaptable to meet your school’s individual needs, providing the opportunity to educate and entertain children of all ages in one group. Rather than presenting a formulaic, strict curriculum, Quest Clubs specializes in bringing the wonder of the world to your students with the freedom to personalize it to your current criteria. Quest Clubs can bring an afterschool program to life.

There are so many ways to personalize your afterschool program with Quest Clubs:

Learn a New Skill with the Morse Code, Puppetry, Storytelling, and Knots badges.

Explore the World by learning about Animals Around the WorldMap ReadingEarth Day, and World Flags.

Improve Your Community with character traits your school wishes to promote such as Responsibility, Anti-Bullying, and Diligence

With nine Areas of Discovery and thousands of badges, the possibilities are endless.

Quest Club presents the unique opportunity to teach students subjects, skills, and character traits that may not be found in their traditional classroom, or strengthen the subjects already taught. The scout-like badges can be used as individual unit studies or combined together (for instance, the Origami badge can be taught alongside Japanese CultureWorld Geography, or Paper Crafts). These can cover a single day or be used as a theme that may be followed for an entire week, month, or semester. With thousands of badges to choose from, the possibilities are as endless as your students’ interests. If we lack a badge you or a student desires, Quest Clubs even has a Badge Writing badge to assist you or your students in writing your own badges. You are also more than welcome to email us directly to request a badge to be written. Our active online forum can aid you in curriculum creation, activity ideas, and more by communicating with other Quest Club members and leaders, as well as Quest Club employees, including the founder and CEO Kerry Cordy. Quest Clubs is a growing community that is constantly evolving with new badges, ideas, and more, bringing endless amounts of fun.

To show your students’ accomplishments, badge pins can be purchased to decorate backpacks, bulletin boards, clothing, and more. Badge pins act not only as incentive, but a way to share one’s new skills, knowledge, and interests with pride. Some members find the collection of badges to be as exciting and thrilling as the knowledge they gain, and are sometimes referred to fondly as “badge hounds.” Parents/guardians are welcome to purchase badge pins for their children if the monetary cost for your program is a concern. Free, printable certificates are also available.

To use Quest Clubs as an afterschool program, simply purchase a Club Membership to the Quest Clubs website.  Club Memberships grant a license to use the Quest Clubs content to run a multiple member club. All individual club participants (students) do not need their own personal memberships unless they wish to have access to the website content to work on badges and awards at home.  User names and passwords may not be shared.

Club Membership Includes:

(all materials are online only)

  • Child/Parent Handbook
  • Leader Handbook
  • All current badge requirements
  • All current award requirements
  • Access to the Quest Forum
  • Badge and Award tracking forms
  • All forms necessary for running a club
  • Printable badge and award certificates
  • Ceremony Ideas
  • Additional Resources

To purchase a Club Membership, click HERE.