Afterschool Program

Quest can easily be added to any after school program. Our badge requirements are written so that several age groups can all work together on the same subject. Using the badges as individual unit studies, the kids have an opportunity to learn about subjects that may not have time to be covered in the classroom. Your school can use the badge requirements listed to help plan and implement your after school program, while purchasing the badges themselves can be up to each individual parent if you wish.

Just a few fun examples include days like the following:

Bubble Day: use our Bubble badge to teach the kids how to make their own bubble solution; how to blow giant bubbles; how to make bubble blowers out of everyday objects; how bubbles are used in science and technology, and about surface tension and other scientific principles.

Physics Week:  Use the ideas in the Physics badge and make paper airplanes and marble runs and hold an egg drop contest.

Character Badges:  Work on badges that enhance character traits you wish to see in your kids such as responsibility, anti-bullying, and diligence.


To use Quest Clubs as an afterschool program, simply purchase a Club Membership to the Quest Clubs website.  Club Memberships grant a license to use the Quest Clubs content to run a multiple member club.  All individual club participants (students) do not need their own personal memberships unless they wish to have access to the website content to work on badges and awards at home.  User names and passwords may not be shared.

Club Membership Includes:

(all materials are online only)

Child/Parent Handbook

Leader Handbook

All current badge requirements

All current award requirements

Access to the Quest Forum

Badge and Award tracking forms

All forms necessary for running a club

Printable badge and award certificates

Ceremony Ideas

Additional Resources


To purchase a Club Membership, click HERE.