Adult Clubs

Did you love scouting as a kid?  Hiking, camping, cooking, and first aid are useful skills for all ages and just because you are now an adult does not mean you should no longer indulge in the activities of your youth. Ever wanted to make gigantic bubbles?  Taste chocolate from around the world?  Learn cake decorating techniques, or how to shoot a bow and arrow?  It is never too late.    Starting an adult Quest Club lets you learn and experience new things in a social setting with other like minded adults.  Anything goes, and if we don’t offer a badge on the topic you are looking for, we encourage you to help us write one!

Adult Quest Clubs are perfect for scout leaders who wish to earn badges, not just teach them;  for friends to gather for unique outings and activities; and even for senior centers to offer distinctive programs to keep adults healthy and active.



To start a Quest Club of your own, click HERE.

To join as an individual, click HERE.