Cultures by Countryculture germanculture bahama

(Discover the World)
By Tracy Price

This badge can be used to earn multiple individual badges.  You can earn a culture badge for anycountry in the world.

Penguins: Do 3 requirements
Otter: Do 4 requirements
Dolphin: Do 5 requirements
Butterfly: Do 6 requirements
Eagle: Do 7 requirements

1.        Sample foods from the country. Learn what children eat for meals and snacks. Is it similar or different
from what you might eat?

2.        Try on outfits from your chosen country. Learn when these are worn. Are they every day clothes or

3.        Learn a traditional craft from your country.

4.        Learn a children’s song, nursery rhyme or traditional song from your country. Learn it’s significance.

5.        Read a story from your country (in English is fine). What similarities and differences do you see
compared to your life. Listen to the words and also look at the pictures.

6.        Learn 10 words in the language spoken in your country.

7.        Find out what type of alphabet they use in that country. Is it familiar to yours or different? Try writing
some letters/characters.

8.        Look at the money from your country. What is it called? Find out the exchange rate and see how much it
would take to buy something in that country.

9.        What is the most common mode of transportation in your country?

10.        Learn about the climate in your chosen country. What affects the climate?

11.        Find your country on a map. What continent is it on? What countries are bordering it? Older students,
what is the longitude and latitude of the capital of your country?

12.        What are common toys and games for children. Do you think it would be fun to play with those? Why or
why not. If possible, try to play them.

13.        Interview someone from the country. Write down what you learned from them.

14.        Make a poster advertising travel to this country highlighting some of the more famous things to do there.

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