I love the fact that it is skill based, the large variety of badges, the lack of middle management, the fact we get to pick the fundraisers and keep the profit, the teaching of character and patriotism, the support we get from the head of Frontier Girls, the feeling of appreciation that you do not get from other groups. Lol, I couldn't think of just one.

- Karen B

I love everything about Quest Clubs- earning whatever badges the kids are interested in, not having to teach different things to different ages, the ability to strive for higher awards, the flexibility for "quirky" kids, the support from headquarters and other leaders... all of it!

- Katie L.

I love the huge array of interesting badges and higher level awards that my kids can earn. As a homeschooling family we often do Quest activities and badge work at home in addition to what they do with their club.

- Christina .

I love Quest because it gives my children a place to form friendships and grow in so many ways! I love the structure and guidance that the badges and awards give me as a parent to be able to instill values and character traits to my children. I love that my daughter and son can be in the same troop and meet at the same time and we LOVE our leaders!

- Ginger Z.