Quest is an educational incentive program
for kids ages 3 -18 that uses badges and
awards to encourage kids of all ages to
explore anything and everything.  From
spies and Barbie, to chemistry and
there are over 1200 badges and awards to
choose from, and we are writing more
everyday.  If you don't see what you want,
just ask!
The Quest Program
Where will YOUR quest take you?
Quest is the perfect companion to homeschool families,
classrooms, and after school programs or clubs.  Our badge
requirements are the perfect start to designing a unit study on
any subject kids want to learn about.  Badges and awards are
used as incentives to explore new subjects and expand
knowledge in areas children  may have already studied.  We
encourage kids to live by our motto...

Ask Anything, Explore Everything!
Quest has moved to a new site.  All current members have already been
added to the new website.  Your user names and passwords remain the
same.  To go to the new site click the link below:  

If you have questions, contact